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Xaerynne herself can't post to the forums yet, so she asked me to post this for her:

My birth name is Xaerynne, but I would not be dishonored if we share ale and you call me Xae.  If you call me wench, chick, green skin, D'Orc or others that offend you will suffer my wrath and the bite of my pets.
Know that once I have earned my deed name we can and must renegotiate.  If I come to be named Xae' Deathshot or other such, only a select few would then  call me as Xaerynne Deathshot.  To use my full name calls me to your service, and that must be earned.
Speaking of pets... I am always seeking the best, the most unique and most glorious pet partners.  My sire was Frostwolf clan, and from him I have my love of double headed doggs.  She who birthed me was a wanderer from the Warsong tribe, and from her I gained my wanderlust and affinity for the four footed cat lords of forest and plains.
I live to explore, to find glory, and always to find a most glorious death.  I never know on any day if this will be the one day that I find my final 5 partners to battle tooth to nail beside me and Hati or if it will instead be the day of my one true death.  Either way until the one true death I will see each day as a great day to die.. or to find a new pet.
That brings me to my next key motivation in this life of adventure, glory and pain.  I live to try all that I can, to see 'what happens when I...', and know that when failure is imminent, it can and will always be glorious with me.  If the battle calls for my death, then it will be memorable. 
I can not help but explore  - will I find the glory of battle, some astounding treasure,  the perfect pet (of the moment), or even (most likely) the most glorious and ridonkulous way to die?  I find everything to be fun and joyous, but also feel tremendous obligation to those who depend on upon me in my Garrison and have to check on them at least 2x daily for peace of mind. 
I am singularly focused - even to my own detriment and amusement, including rushing into things to see 'what could happen', standing in a spell pool while releasing volley after volley towards the enemy, stepping off of a cliff to see 'just how far the fall is'...  If this brings death, so be it as long as it was glorious (even gloriously dumb).  I have zero sense of direction and at times can not find my way out of my own backpack (joing; sort of...); not the best skill for  one travelling the path of the Hunter.
Oh, and if something catches my attention know that I may lose track of whatever I was focused on just before then.  Esecially if it is something shiby or a beautiful animal that (possibly) could be tamed.  I am obsessed with finding the 'perfect pet' and just have to try and tame ones of the douuble headed and big butted kind.  s that are able to be tamed.  You will often see me with my favorite pocket battle pet of the moment trailing around.
Clan and rules go hand in hand with honor.  Ironsong rules are of honor, and I agree to uphold.
I am recently back in the online RPG gaming community after a LONG, LONG time away.  I have never joined another WOW guild, although I have participated with many guilds/families within various other online  gaming platforms to date.  I RPG'd as a single female back in the day when being a female meant that you were dating a gamer to 'keep an eye on ' him or to 'be a poser'. (I was neither of these.)  TSR AD&D, Vampire the Masquerade.... been there, done that.  Bought the supplementals.
Ah yes, the good old days when the internet as we know it with the glorious MMORPGS, etc. did not yet exist.  When tabletop games were called nerd or geek conventions and were not 'cool', and when online gaming consisted of text based gaming such as via BBS...  And before you ask :
·        YES, trying to RPG in an entirely text and message based format was HARD.
·        YES,  I am in LOVE with online graphics.
·        YES I can rock a joystick and arrow keys.
·        YES, Might & Magic rocked.
·        NO, I am not finding WASD easy to acclimate to... 
I was at one time known online 'waaaaay back in the day' as Violyntfemme in bulletin bard gaming, online gaming, etc. and assisted with MMORPG early beta user testing waaaay, waaaay back.  While exciting to participate in the process before games were 'open Beta'd', it was fully non-compensated, and the perks did not add joy.  Yeah, early access to games way before public announcements of 'open' beta testing, but it kind of felt a bit like 'bootleggery' (LOL).  Receiving the disks in  brown paper envelope shipments that did not note the game company on the outside, having zero manual/reference material, and the disks themselves arriving in plain unmarked CD sleeves just felt... illicit.   PLUS having to write reports detailing try/retry bugs that I found from multiple angles of approach to identify it were from a geo mapping bug, etc. was not fun and generally had to then be repeated when analyzed by game development team.  All for the low, low compensation of 'do it faster' so we can fix it before 'open beta'.
I am not into politics or mindgames, and have zero interest in groups that shame bash.  I am female, and while the struggle to exist in online gaming was brutal back in the day, it has gotten better - although there is always 'that guy' out to make a point, be a horn dog, prove that you are a dude pretending to be a female, etc. 
As gamers we need to remember at times that 'it is just a game' and understand that mistakes can and do happen, and do not mean the end of the world or our lives.  Mobile gaming has provided me with a deep view of that - and the toll it takes on members - especially younger or irl socially isolated people.

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