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Wynterwynds Frostbrew walks into a guild...
I. Your character

My name is Wynterwynds Frostbrew and I am a Pandaren Shaman. I am the second child and oldest daughter in my family. We are from Wu-Song Village on the Wandering Isle. Our ancestors were well respected brewmasters in the village of Zouchin in Pandaria. Our adventurous many-times-great-grandmother left Zouchin to join Liu Lang and Shen-Zin Su in their exploration of Azeroth. She brought with her the secret of Frostbrewing that gives our family’s beers and ales the renowned taste they still have to this day. My oldest brother continues as the latest brewmaster in our family.

Meeting Taurens has awakened within me what my family calls the “adventure affliction” of our revered ancestor. I now seek to explore Azeroth as she once did. Wynterborn, my little brother, is tagging along with me. He claims our mother made him promise to go with me to keep me out of trouble. I wonder if she does not remember what he was like at home?

I love learning about anything and everything; Azeroth is such an exciting world. I where a brooch shaped in the form of our family brewmark using many small blue sapphires in shades ranging from a near-white-pale to deep-midnight.

I have you read the Code of Conduct. This makes such good sense. I will gladly follow this Code.

II. Yourself

This is my first toon for the Silver Hand server. I rolled it specifically for the Ironsong Tribe and to play with my wife and our two friends as a Pandaren set of four. I also have a second toon on this server, Gaztok (a male Troll Deathknight), again to play with my wife (a female Goblin Deathknight (such a fun pair)) and for Ironsong. I have several older toons on other servers and continue to play them. (Though I’m not as active about it as my wife is; she encouraged me to join WoW.)

I’m looking for a guild with creative people with whom I can nourish my own creativity through role-playing. I play male and female characters and find they usually let me know who they are what their personality is like. Our friends told my wife and I about their discovering Ironsong and how good the RP is. It’s wonderful to find a good RP home.

I’ve been playing since 2006. I have no real preference as to when I play. It depends on what my work schedule ends up being, which changes weekly.

I’m currently working on a PhD and work part-time as a barista at Starbucks.

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