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Wrathion is the first boss of Ny'alotha.  This is a two phase fight with alternating phases.  In Phase One we deal with Wrathion alone, with his dragon and fire attacks.  In Phase Two we will deal with pillars and stealthed adds.


He has the standard dragon attacks:

* Breath (Searing Breath): Cone attack that applies a 20 second stacking debuff.
--> Tanks face the dragon away from the raid, and swap at every 2 stacks.

* Tail Swipe:  damages and knocks back all players behind the boss.
--> Stand to the side of the boss

Then he has some special attacks:

* Incineration:  DoT that explodes when it expires.
--> Run out if you get Incineration

* Gale Blast:  Orange circle appears around the boss.  Anyone in the circle when it goes off receives a massive amount of damage and gets knocked back.
--> Run away from circle around Wrathion, and spread out

Gale Blast is followed by:

* Firebolts that fall from the sky on random players' locations (small orange swirl).
--> When running out of Gale Blast, spread out.  The run out of little orange swirls.

Wrathion's main ability during this phase is:

* Burning Cataclysm:  Wrathion will become untargettable, then will fly to one side of the room.  Then red zones will spawn all over the encounter space, which will grow into large patches of fire, almost covering the floor, which explode after a couple seconds.  The patches land in such a way that there will always be a small safe spot to stand on the side OPPOSITE the boss.
--> Run to the side opposite the boss and find the safe place to stand.

Almost immediately after Burning Cataclysm, the boss will cast:

* Molten Eruption: spawns multiple molten pools around the room.  These become important in Phase 2.  
--> Avoid the impact but after that you can stand in them as they don't do damage.

Note for Tanks:  Sometimes the boss will cast a breath right after Molten Eruption.  So try to face the boss away as soon as possible.

So that's Phase One:  Face the boss away, tanks swap at 2 stacks, avoid the tail.  Run out if you get the bomb, run away from the boss' big orange circle and spread out.  For Burning Cataclysm, when the floor fills with fire, run to the side opposite the boss and find the safe spot to stand.


After Wrathion does this cycle twice, Phase Two will begin:

* Smoke and Mirrors:  Wrathion will become untargetable and every Molten Eruption patch will spawn a Crackling Shard.  These can be killed (they do a small AoE when they die).  Any left standing at the end of the phase will explode and spawn a lava pool which applies a nasty, stacking, permanent raid-wide DoT.
--> Kill as many Shards as possible before the phase is up.  On Normal it should be possible to kill them all.

To help kill the Shards, Scales of Wrathion will fall from the ceiling at the start of the phase:

* Scales of Wrathion: These fall from the ceiling.  Their location is indicated by a pillar of fire.  If not soaked, they deal massive raid-wide damage.  If they ARE soaked, they apply a debuff (Burning Madness) which allows the player to instantly destroy 10 shards by running over them (the debuff has 10 stacks, and 1 stack is removed for every shard you run over).  Note that destroying a shard does a small AoE and will do damage to the runner too.
--> Best done by classes with immunities.  While runners are taking care of close shards, the raid should take care of the ones far away from the boss.

* Ashwalker Assassin adds will spawn during this phase too.  They are stealthed and will fixate on a player.  Upon reaching the player they'll apply a 10 second stun.
--> Break the stealth by using AoE effects, flares, etc.  Once visible they can be picked up by the tanks.

That's Phase Two:  Players with immunities soak the Scales falling from the ceiling, then run around clearing shards close to the boss.  Rest of the raid kills the farther shards.  Use AoEs and flares to detect Assassins, tanks pick up the adds, raid kills them.

Then Phase One begins again.

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