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Wrathgate RP Event Tonight
The moot begins at 6:00 ST. Any friends of the IS Tribe are welcome to attend.
Here is what you can do to participate:

If you want to relive the event...at around 5:30 st go to the dragon at the Wrath Gate and she will replay the battle for you if you ask her nicely.

Take your character to Undercity. Place them anywhere in proximity to where the battles took place sometime before 6:00.

This event will take place both in GC and moot time...as it is such a momentous event. You can RP in either place as you wish tonight.

Prepare 2 short 1-3 sentence narrations for the Wrath Gate Battle and the Battle at UC. This should be something you can fit in 1-2 entries in GC text. Please do not do anything too involved...just enough to say where you were when these events took place. I will call for your tells in GC starting at 6:00 for the Wrath Gate. The UC statement can be used at the actual moot.

We will start the event with a brief narration in GC. We will not go over all details of the events...but will speak mostly of the IST involvement in them.

The moot will begin where the UC battle ended. The tribe will regroup on a hill outside of Undercity as various tribe make their way clear of the city. Many are wounded.

Walk or limp to the hillside...help your tribe recover and pick up anyone you see along the way. The best route will go from Sylvanus's chamber through the sewer entrance and down the hill. We will meet by the lake there.

Sing True Ironsong!

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