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WotLK Alpha Talents

These are apperantly some of the alpha WotLK talents.....I think i'm in love with the lock demo, Shadow Priest, and DK(All three.) Talent trees. ^.^

PS. I think this will prolly be my DK's Tanking spec if it stays as is <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://war-tools.darlinganime.com/index.php?i=deathknight2&b=6350151c302001m53555150310030130101305z00">http://war-tools.darlinganime.com/index ... 0101305z00</a><!-- m --> seems like it would keep agro have good soloing ability and even be pretty decent in Arena. ^.^
Right on!

Hopefully these won't turn out to be fake, similar to another incident like last year.
Bah, I'm not getting my hopes up until beta. Of course Sp will probably end up like BC. Way cool then QQ from everyone else then nerfed into the ground or terribly poor scaling
I'm just a little concerned with how the Deathknight talents make the class seem.

Hey look! I'm a 2H-tank-caster-rogue-disease ridden-pet class! Also, I dance!

And is anyone else kind of weirded out by all the Diablo 2-ness that's coming through in those talents? Warriors running around with a pair of 2H'ers? Deathknights blowing corpses up, summoning skeletons? Druids spreading diseases?
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Who look down and dance with the shifting of the soil,
Who swim with the movement of the tides!
I wouldn't be too concerned. These are usually fake.
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