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World of Warcraft Pod
I like how people spend money
I was expecting to find an iPod when I clicked the link. I was disappointed. o0
I'm just posting here because...

[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
I's is po right now Sad. I can't get a job anywhere. That and I just got done with a week of sickness and parent/grandparent hospital visits :'(
......they made a WHAT NOW?
..also i cant think of anything you can do with that you cant probaly do if you owned a laptop...o wait, that would involve fanatical attachment to the game, and moving around. i guess this was made for "those" players who want to just keep their legs out of the equation....

...can you imagine if you were raiding with somone in one of these? you would hear the teapot sing at the same time as the toliet flush over vent when he grunts out that he needs a heal. X_x

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