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Wither, Thin Witherbark Thither!
((Hello all! This is a bit of an introduction to my character, Juga'jin. Not much in the way of character development thus far, but mostly this is just an attempt to set the mood. Hope it's an enjoyable read!))

The clamoring of steel weaponry intermingled with the guttural voices of assembled orcs as the crackling of some distant fire spilled into the corridors of the Hall of the Brave. Ogrimmar’s famed warriors’ den had seen many such gatherings – assembled fighters from across Kalimdor and beyond regularly set their plate-clad feet inside its dim interior, hands clenched around the hafts of axes freshly drenched in blood. The sight was nothing new to Gronthor, whose scout’s vision could regularly detect any visual anomalies. Something was nevertheless amiss amongst the raucous throng of the Warchief’s soldiers, however, and it was his nostrils that told him precisely what that was.

The scent of a troll hung heavily in the crisp canyon air. Not the familiar aroma of an island troll, either. This was the scent of a forest troll. Instantly he knew the guest of “honorâ€

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