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With Honor and Respect
As some of you know from our latest Moot, I have declared my intention to help foster and strengthen the bonds between the Orcs and Trolls of Azeroth. This is an effort to bring honor to the tribe and pay homage to our Warlord Sreng with respect to his leadership and dedication to our Tribe.

Gaining the trust and respect of the Darkspear Trolls is no easy task, but one I will strive for with great effort. The value of runecloth and the magical properties it is imbued with is unquestionable. It is the gathering of this cloth that will help prove my dedication to aiding the cause of the Trolls.

I do not ask much of the Tribe, but in this instance I would certainly be grateful of any assistance that others care to lend. Some members of the Tribe have already donated runecloth to help out, and for that I am most appreciative. Very soon, I hope to stand before the Tribe and announce that my endeavor has been successful. Thank you all.

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