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With Dagger in Hand (pt. 1)
((This is Dezna's full story, and when it finally catches up with current times, then I'll keep it ongoing. Comments and such are welcome. Hope you enjoy it, and find out a little about who she is.))

((Edit: I spaced out the paragraphs, easier to read now))

Part 1:.
The newborn.

The day began to grow dark, the hollered screams of a mother giving birth filled the servant quarters of Durhold Keep. Many others servants trying to keep the noise down, but their attempts failed miserably. After many hours of torment a child was born. A beautiful baby girl, eyes as blue as the deepest ocean of Azeroth, and cries that could rival Hellscream. The mother took the infant, holding the secret close to her heart. Mother and child lied there for a long while, and both fell asleep. The new mother took her child home the next morning.

Home was small shack a short distance from Durnhold keep, over looking the ocean. A place often visited by the nearby dwarfs, and an occasional murloc which was easily chased away with a broom or frying pan. “Here we are, your new home.â€

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