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Willful Possession
Chapter I: Call of the Ocelot.

Sixteen years before the arrival of the Orcs on Kalimdor, a Tauren was brought to this world, blessed by the Earthmother. But this was not just any Tauren. He had a bond with nature, greater than any of the Shu'halo in several decades. He could talk to nature, the creatures, the trees, the earth. Understood all about it. He was a natural hunter.

Years passed and still the tauren had no pet to fight along side him. The beasts were his friends, but not his companions. Walking alone in the Barrens, listening to the spirits of the land, the tauren heard a sickening cry come from something behind him. He turned around slowly...

There stood in front of him a large, black cat. The cat was the cleanest beast he had ever seen, and the cat looked sly and evil. A chill came down the taurens spine.
"What is your name, bull-man." Asked the cat.

"Ahale Swifthoof", said the tauren, proudly but reluctantly. "Why do you ask?"

A sinister smile came across the cats face. "I always talk to my prey before I kill them."

"Wh... What are you?" asked Ahale.

The cat began to tell about himself. his name was Kahlua, and he was an Ocelot, a pride of Night Sabre who are exceptionally sadistic. They come from the Ashenvale and what is now Felwood area. The Ocelot are no housecats. You see, they like to use mind-tactics, trickery and sometimes even torture on their prey. The Ocelot have one rule: Your prey does not escape alive. But, Ahale was lucky, or perhaps the Earthmother was watching over him. For he told the cat how he was looking for a companion. Kahlua decided that this adventurer could lead him into some fresh meat to dig his claws into. He challenged Ahale to a test of wits. If Ahale wins, Kahlua will travel by his side to the death, but if he loses, he himself, will be dead.

“I will ask you a question. If you get it right, I will accompany you on your adventures. If you get it wrong, you know the consequences. Here it is, I will say it only once:

I can flow through any space I occupy
I can neither float nor can I fly.
I can enter your body, make you choke and die.
I don't come from a stick
But if I'm not pure enough you can get really sick.â€Â
:laughs hysterically for a few seconds and then applauds: That's a very interesting background story, buddy. I doubt if you told it to anyone that they'd believe you, but very creative. Good job, I hope to hear more tall tales from you in the future. I think I peed myself a little.

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