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Will of the Emperor nutshell guide
Nutshell guide: Will of the Emperor

This fight is a 2 tank, 2-3 healer fight.

Phase 1: handling 3 types of adds. Lasts 90 seconds.

Phase 2: The two bosses emerge. Adds continue to spawn as in phase 1. The bosses have a shared health pool.


Add types -- we've seen all these in LFR. They spawn in the same locations each time. A red glow will precede their spawn.

A quick rundown:

1. Emperor's Courage. One of these will spawn, from one of the alcoves at the sides. These are the ones with the shield. They target a tank, walk toward the tank, and upon reaching their target will hit the tank with Impending Thrust. This stacks a movement debuff on the tank, slowing their movement speed by 25% for 10 min, per stack. At 4 stacks, the tank can't move. Can only be attacked from behind. Can be slowed, but no other CC works on them.

--> TOP PRIORITY KILL TARGET. Casters should move to the alcove where it will spawn so they can attack it from behind right away. Tanks must move away if needed. They should be slowed.

2. Emperor's Strength. 1 will spawn from an alcove halfway between the center and the sides. They have threat tables but don'e melee their top aggro target. They cast Energizing Smash, in which they with the ground in front of them with a lot of damage + stun to anyone standing in a 10-yard radius. With each smash, the radius increases by 1 yard. Can be killed, but are immune to all CC.

--> Second priority kill target. Melee DPS can handle these. Nuke these down when no Courages are up.

3. Emperor's Rage. 2 will spawn from the central alcoves. They target a random raid member and walk towards that person, and if they reach the targeted player will do mild damage to them. Can be slowed, CC's, etc.

--> Third priority kill target. Targeted players should move away. They should be CC'd, stunned, slowed etc. to keep them in check until they can be killed.

Goal: kill all the adds before the bosses spawn.


The two bosses jump down. They have the same abilities and share a health pool. The two bosses have an increasing energy bar which cannot be changed by players, and when it reaches maximum they each perform a DEVASTATING COMBO.

The Devastating Combo is a series of FIVE attacks, used over a period of 15 seconds, during which the bosses no longer melee or move.

* Devastating Arc: hits to the front, the left, or the right of the boss. Blue light will flash in the direction of the impending blow. When he swings the weapon over his left shoulder, he'll strike the area to his right, and vice versa. When he holds the weapon pointing forward, he will strike in front. Getting hit by this attack does damage and applies a stacking debuff that reduces the player's armor by 10% for 30 seconds, per stack.

* Stomp: Deals damage in a 12 yard radius around the boss and stunning them for 2 seconds. For this, he lifts the weapon above his head.

IF a player avoids all 5 abilities they'll get a new ability, called Opportunistic Strike, with an extra action button. This ability can be used once, and it will inflict 500K damage on the target.

The boss will also apply a debuff called Magnetic Armor to the tank, which will pull the tank to the boss if the tank gets more than 15 yards away.

Every 2.5 minutes, the room will fill with TITAN GAS. The first 3 last for 20 seconds each. The 4th and last one lasts until the bosses are killed. This gas does raid-wide frost damage every second, increases the damage done by both players and enemies by 25%, and stops all adds from spawning. During the final gas, adds will still spawn. It acts as a soft-enrage mechanic.


--> Positioning: The two tanks will pick up the bosses and position them 60 yards apart, so the devastating combos don't overlap. Healers and ranged will form the 3rd part of a triangle, so healers can reach both tanks, while not betting hit with any devastating combos.

--> Same add kill priority as in Phase 1. Courage > Strength > Rage. Adds have priority over the bosses! Control over the adds is critical to success here. Kill Courages fast. Kill Strengths fast. Kill Rages last, just so they don't accumulate.

--> The tanks and Melee DPS must avoid as many Devastating Combos as possible. Tanks in particular must avoid these, to keep from getting the armor-reducing debuff. The debuff will not have time to wear off, so Tanks MUST avoid getting hit. Melee can run out or range, but tanks must run to the side for the arcs, and move between 13 and 15 yards away from the stomp. They can't move more than 15 yards away or they will get pulled back in with Magnetic Armor.

--> Healers must be ready for intense healing during Titan Gas. Damage to the raid should be modest, except for Titan Gas, if the raid executes the strategy well. Players will be damaged if they get his by Emperor's Rage or by a Combo.

--> Use cooldowns and Bloodlust during Titan Gas.


* Dealing with the adds
* Avoiding ALL of the Devastating Combo attacks

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