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Where I have been.
Hello all.

I know I've been gone from Silverhand for some time now, but it's because of issues IRL. Recently there was a large scare in my familiy. If you didn't know, back in August an aunt of mine passed away from sevre cancer and I was distrought. And recently, about two weeks ago, another aunt of mine went in for minor surgery to repair a vein in her hand. The doctors noticed something during a test and she went in for full scanning and what not, and they found she had a cancerous tumur located in her lung. Luckily they were able to remove it and put the cancer into remission, but I'm not sure if it will return. For some time I've been wondering if she will pass, and I have been spending a lot more time with her.

Now I'm not trying to put myself out there as some kind of "abandoning jerk" to the Tribe, I never would want that. Ironsong has been the best, most enjoyable community I've been in with WoW. Trust me, you can ask Majhal, I've been in about a billion other guilds, no one comes close.

I do hope to return soon to playing more and talking with you all...it's somewhat dull without hearing from you all. But my priorites lie with my aunt's safety, school, and the upkeep of my family. ((I'm only 16 but I have to help support the family...economic status...BAH))

With that I'm going to end my post here.

Stay safe, Ironsong. I miss you all.

Michael P, A.K.A Galven The Generous ((Thank you Scarbelly, I've gotten used to it! Tongue ))
Best wishes for as speedy a recovery for your aunt as she can handle. I think it speaks well of you that you are spending time with her. I look forward to seeing you back in Azeroth whenever you are able.
<smiles at Galven the Generous>

I hope everything gets better for you and your family. I can't say I blame you for not poking your head in here.
Hang in there, buddy. We all understand that real life issues have to take priority to this. Despite the intense experience we all share, it is just a game, after all. Let us know if there's anything we can do.
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Don't worry about us. Do what you have to do in RL. The tribe will be here for you when you are ready.

Best wishes to your aunt and her speedy recovery.

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