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What should I do at Level 90?
So I was talking to Shantow today and he expressed to me that he felt a little overwhelmed by the amount of things you could do at level 90 and wasn't really sure what would be the best investment of time right now. There is a lot of things you can do once you hit 90, but as far as gearing up for raiding this is what I found:

Gear for dungeons and raiding
1. Dread Wastes quests - Complete all of these for ilevel 437 and some 450 gear and to get Klaxxi rep
2. Golden Lotus quests - There is a questline for this in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms which leads to dailies you can do for rep that unlocks:
- quests (both one-shot and daily) that give some higher level gear (up to 483 which I believe is normal raid level loot)
- allows for the purchase of valor point gear

3. Once you've gotten your Golden Lotus faction to revered you can do Shado-Pan and August Celestial dailies which allow you to purchase valor point gear as well.

4. Once you have ilevel 435 you can queue for heroic dungeons which drop ilevel 463 gear.
I don't know much about scenarios and challenge mode dungeons.

5. At ilevel 460 you can queue for the first two LFR raids.

And Valor Points can be gained by doing:
- Daily quests
- Raid Finder
- Defeating MoP bosses (I think this means raid and world bosses[?])
- Daily Challenge Mode
- Challenge Mode
- Scenarios
- MoP Heroics
- Something to do with Order of the Cloud Serpent races(?)

Does anyone else have info and suggestions they can add, or corrections they can make?
Doing all the dailies I can does take up quite a bit of time. After doing all dailies possible since hitting 90, I'm currently at the following rep levels:
Exalted - Order of the Cloud Serpent
Revered - Golden Lotus
Revered - The Klaxxi
Revered - The Anglers
Revered - The Tillers
Honored - Shado-Pan
Friendly - August Celestials

The latter two opened up once I hit Revered with the Golden Lotus, as mentioned above. Once I get done with my dailies for any particular day (and farming veggies), I tend to switch to my monk to level him up. I've really been enjoying it! Smile I also intermittently run heroics as well, though the folks I had been running with have been busy with work and stuff (and I think the Rottens I was running with have had more guildies hit 90 and have more folks to pull from the guild for guild runs). Once more Tribemates hit 90 and get to heroic level, we can start running those!

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