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What happened to the Moot?
Got to Mulgore at 5:30 server time, spent an hour searching Mulgore for the place where the moot is held, only to see noone there and a /who Ironsong Tribe only showing 6 players at most.

So... did something come up which killed the Moot this week or?
Probably just a random perfect storm of events. I got home from work a bit too late to attend, which has been normal for me of late. Sreng has committed to running as many as possible but is travelling right now I believe. Etc.

Fear not! We have the longest-running regular RP event and missing a week won't change that one jot! Smile

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Football season?

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Well, it gave us an opprotunity to all go wild. Eating chocolate in the guild bank, drinking too much kool aid, taking off our cloaks and swinging them above our head, jumping on the furniture...

And there was Don Juan, Missing it all to football...
Sorry all,

I had intended to be there, but after a 12 hour day at the office, and a few errands after work I didn't get home until well after the moot had started. And by then I just wanted to eat dinner and go to bed. Sad
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I was not feeling well last night either - I'm sorry also.

Members - just please note that if no Officers are online you can still gather somewhere even if it is only a short meeting. Its good to gather and just get to know each other better. We always say anyone is allowed to run a moot - not just the officers. For Ranks of Blooded and higher especially you all should feel free to run moots in our place as part of your rank duties. :-)

Sing True Ironsong!
Well, I was there and I gave it the old college try. When it was obvious that the officers were unable to attend, I announced in guild chat that I was going to host the moot. No one came. Dreadsinger and myself waited until 6:45 server before leaving. Perhaps I should have waited longer or tried to organize it sooner. In the future if the situation ever arises again, I would only be to happy to try and host the moot.

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well i just got back from atlanta...so...um..thats my excuse Tongue

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