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What do your new group talents do?
This is an open thread to discuss new group talents that we all got in Legion.  In particular, what new tricks do you have that could be helpful in a tough dungeon or raid situation?  (And, if you have an Artifact ability that would be relevant, what does it do?)  Skip the individual DPS/HPS boosters here; what can boost the group?

I'll start:
Resto shamans have a new Ancestral Protection talent, which is a 30-second long proactive battle rez.  If anybody dies during its duration, they can reincarnate with 20% health/mana.  It's on a five minute timer.  (One caveat: it cannot rez players that died due to Massive Damage, which is 2x your total health). There's already some strategies that involve using this to sacrifice a character to mitigate some bad effect.

We also have Wind Rush Totem, which is a 15-second long, 10-yard radius, 60% speed buff.  This is the same as Stampeding Roar but it lasts almost twice as long!  Two minute cooldown.
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I guess that caveat means that Ancestral Protection won't work on Xott?

Holy Paladin Talents:
1. Choice between Repentance (single target - cc) and Blinding Light (multi target - cc).
2. Aura Mastery (AM) is my cool down. Choice between Devotion Aura (20% damage reduction within 10 yards split among those affected, AM all affected players gain full reduction) and Aura of Mercy (Heal 3 people within 10 yards 15% of spell power per second, AM all allies within 10 yes healed at 100% of spell power). 
3. Sanctified Wrath - Avenging Wrath (increases your healing done by 35% for 20 seconds, and also increases your critical strike chance by 20% for the same duration. It is very useful during periods of high sustained damage.) 50% longer and cool down on Holy Shock reduced by 50%.
5. Tyr's Deliverance (Artifact)Releases the Light within The Silver Hand for 10 sec, healing an injured ally within 15 yds for [ 150% of Spell Power ] every 1 sec.
Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
Feral Druid has nothing whatsoever, except that I can now charm woodland creatures to keep us amused. Stampeding roar is unchanged; bears have a talent to enlarge the radius of effect.

Enhancement Shaman has Stormlash, which has a chance to grant up to 2 raid members added Nature damage to attacks (Talent: +1 person, +35% more Nature damage). Can also talent for Wind Rush Totem or Rainfall (free healing rain for 7 people, potential duration of 30 sec). Can talent for aoe hex totem (10 sec duration, 8yd effect), which replaces the longer-duration single-target hex.

Frost DK can talent for a 4 sec conal disorient.

WW Monk passively increases movement speed to all allies within 10 yards by 10%.

Arms Warrior has 3min cd Commanding Shout (+15% max health to all allies in 30yd radius for 10 sec)

Havoc DH (dps spec) has Darkness: 8 sec 20% chance for allies to avoid all damage from attacks. 8 yd radius.
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Prot Warrior has Inspiring Presence as a talent, which grants 3% Leech to everyone in the aura.

Side note on Ancestral Protection: I wonder if the Shadow Priest Self-Kill talent counts as "Massive Damage"
Resto Druids can now choose to take Inner Peace, which reduces the cooldown of tranquility to 2 min. (normally 3 minutes).  Useful in fights where there is heavy raidwide damage coming in at regular 2 minute intervals.

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