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What I've been up to
Well my wife convinced me to come back to WoW to play with her, so I thought I'd swing by the forums again and say HUYASES! to everyone again. I had a good break from the game while playing SWTOR for a bit and just generally getting busy IRL, and not all in the bad way!

Some of the older members may remember that I've always been rather interested in flying so I've gotten a lot more into flight sims again. There are some nice new ones out and I've picked up a lot of high end peripherals for it too which to me makes it more fun as well as more realistic. I've always had people asking me what it's like, so I decided to try my hand at video editing. I have a YouTube Channel now (details below) if anyone is interested in seeing what modern flight sims can look like. Some is combat footage but a lot of it is stunt flying so far as I've become rather known for having a good hand on the stick for crazy maneuvers. The channel has a few real life videos of aircraft that I have been lucky enough to run into as well.

On the forum for the server that I fly on I've become rather well known for my videos, both in terms of the flying I have done in them as well as the editing. I made one video that was designed to look like old 1940's gun camera footage that has been quite well received in the sim community, and one person who found it on YouTube randomly even thought it was good enough to post to the actual company forum in their movie section Big Grin. If you want to know what a video is about or why I did it (or how I was taunted into doing it on an "I bet you can't do this" type dare) you can read the full description in the comments section under the video. Please make sure to watch them all in 1080p as they look far FAR better on that then any other setting. If you are interested check them out and let me know what you think!

Youtube Channel name: Newbiefodder

If you don't want to see all of them or sort through here are my top 3 recommendations for what I consider to be my best movies so far.
#1 combat movie

#1 stunt movie

gun camera movie

Remember to make sure that you watch them in 1080p!

Good to hear from you, Umu! I'll have to check out the vids. Smile
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Umu! Welcome back! Even though I don't play anymore... I do think of you every time I kill Rakanoth in Diablo 3, however. Big Grin

Your video bring back fond memories of my addiction to Red Baron (game not pizza)... and to a lesser extent Flying Corps, in which the manual was pretty much the included reprint of an actual 1913 RAF flight manual.
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