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West Coast Moot! A signup!
Since the original post was lost on during the forum outage, I'm reposting the signup!

When: September 27th (thurs)-October 1st (mon)
Where: Shasta Lake, CA.

The location in particular is at the Antlers RV Park and Campground, This is where a lot of the fun will happen, I suspect. The campground does have showers along with fire pits (we may be able to use these, depending on fire regulations at the time), it also looks like it has close access to the lake for those who wish to go swimming or whathaveyou!

For those who wish to camp at the site, The rate is 16.37/night for two people. Additional people are $4/night. This means that with say, 6 people in a site, it's roughly 8 dollars a night, throw in some change. for 8 people, it's 5 dollars a night, not too bad. Again these are tent sites.
I will make solid reservations for the sites when i get a proper head count

I'll be bringing a bit of cooking gear (pots/pans/camp stove/coffee pot). The idea of doing a "pooled food stock thing" was thrown out there, where people throw in say 20 bucks and we get a whole handful of food to have over the weekend, and doing a combined cooking thing, for those who would be interested.
Sound, Krell and Myself will be hosting a dinner on Saturday night, probably something obnoxious like chili dogs or something, but we'll provide it. For those not interested in a pool-o-grub, you're more than welcome to bring your own.

For those who wish to not go camping, but prefer cabins, or motels: There are a few locations surrounding the campground, Antlers Resort and Marina, Neu Lodge Motel to name a few, I've never been to either, but they are moderately close to the campground. Other sites can be found here: Motels @ shastalake.com and Cabins @ shastalake.com, again only suggestions of where to look, Antlers is the name of the town that we'll be close to, but Lakehead is moderately close.

Directions to the campground are fairly easy and can be found at the campground's website. The closest major airport to the location would be Sacramento Int'l Airport (SMF); however Oakland (OAK) and San Francisco (SFO) are close-ish. Redding airport is also available, although probably expensive to fly into.

It would be wonderful if attendees were to bring games, camp-appropriate musical instruments, something that others can enjoy!

If you're interested, please post here! Who you are, Where you're coming from (and how you're getting to the lake), if you'd be willing to carpool with others in the area (if applicable), your dining plans, and where you'll be staying (camping, lodge/cabin, etc), and for how long.
The Signup List

Naruth and Vanea -- Camping, Groupfooding, Driving from Central CA
Krell, Mrs. Krell, and Munchkin -- Staying in a close by cabin, Will be bringing food -- but will likely contribute to groupfooding as well, driving from Portland OR
Efluvious -- Coming? Driving I assume, Camping I assume, Bringing physics?
Sound -- Camping, Groupfooding, Driving from Bellingham WA (possibly carpooling with ebberk or family krell)
Kosath -- Coming still from what I gather, Staying at the Neu Lodge, Flying to SMF -- renting a car there.
Tetsumis -- Camping, groupfooding, driving from Eureka, CA
Ebberk -- Driving from Bellingham WA (carpool with Sound)
Naruth and I will be coming, should be up thursday afternoon, staying until monday, We'll be caming in a tent at the campground, up for group fooding.

We'll be driving up from Stockton, CA (the central valley) I think that we'll have room for another in the car. We'll be there until monday. Looking forward to it!
Krell, baby Krell and Mrs. Krell are eagerly waiting for this occasion. We will be driving down from the Portland area on Thursday morning, and hoping to grab a couple campsites before the site starts filling up. However, the Krell contingent will be staying in one of the cabins located nearby, and will have access to all the wonderful amenities that you folks won't. <chuckles>

We will be bringing some food down, but will be willing to contribute to a mass pool if thats whats decided on. I plan to also bring a couple games along. Also, is there anyone who has been collecting some of the World of Warcraft trading cards? Perhaps those that have (unless its just me) can bring some of their duplicate cards and we can exchange cards to further complete one anothers packs? Just a thought...

Anyways, we are stoked! Hope to see many of you there soon!
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
I am wanting to go, but still figuring out transportation. Will post here when I have things hammered out.
I'm coming.
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

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I'm coming. I'll be there by car from Bellingham, WA. It's a little up in the air as to who I'll be coming with quite yet (Krell or Ebberk, one of the two), but I'll be there from Thursday to either Sunday or Monday. I'd like to partake in the grocery pot and eat thataway, please, since I don't think I'll be bringing food along on the ten hour drive there. Lastly, my plans are to camp away with you lot in a tent ninja'ed from Van.

Less than three weeks away! I'm looking forward to this tremendously. :]

*pokes the others who are coming into posting here*
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
I'll be there.
*Add* Coming from Northern CA, driving. Willing to carpool if needed. Dining plans.. Um, brining food likely, but can do the pooling thing too. Staying via camping most likely, got a tent somewhere. Will head up Thursday, back Monday.
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For the sake of mapquestin' it, I'm driving straight to:

20682 Antlers Road
Lakehead, CA

yeah? Or mayhaps no for an unbeknownst reason?

oh, and I'll be coming down with Ebberk- many of you already know. Just an FYI to those who don't/a reminder and add to the official tally.

For those wanting to do the pool thing, Naruth and I are planning on going shopping sometime this week and bringing it with us. We're going to keep it reasonable, yet get a fairly decent amount of food. What are some specific Dietary requirements that people have so we can plan accordingly.. like say someone was allergic to lettuce.. *eyes around* or doesn't eat meat.. something like that.

We will be going shopping likely wednesday afternoon!
tell us before then!

Things we will be getting regardless: bread (a few loaves), peanut butter, jelly, canned tuna (we have a lot of, will donate), soup (chicken noodle, tomato.. etc), a few gallons of milk (1% most likely, it's the compromise of those who like 2% and those who like fat free), eggs, cheese slices, margarine (I just got a new large tub, I'll just bring that), marshmallows, crackers, chocolate bars, hotdogs + buns, condiments (will probably just raid the fridge, we just refreshed out stash), hot choco mix, coffee + creamer, generic camping stuff like that... >.> If I'm feeling ambicious, I may break out my boyscout skillz and bring a "camping oven" and make a pizza Big GrinBig Grin (muahahaha, I can tell you lot are like, "oh geez")

Anyway.. if anyone has any ideas of anything else or would like something special, or whathave you, feel free to say so!

Also, remember, sound and krell and I will be doing a dinner probably friday night for everyone that we'll cook for! (gasp!)

As for stuff to do!
Kosath was peeking around at the volcanic national park which shouldn't be too much of a drive (about an hour?) from where we'll be staying, I thought it sounded like a fun place to go. Also, suggest what you might want to do!

See everyone in a few days, wooo!
i has question!

for the sake of costs, ect., were we still gonna go with the 20-30 range? should i plan ahead and bring along that in cash to pay you lot back with? or possibly cheaper if it ends up being less than that in the end once it's paid for and split between the six or so of us that'll be eating out of all of it and whatnot? runonsentencesftw?

and someone remind me to go buy plates before i leave! :X
Sound Wrote:for the sake of costs, ect., were we still gonna go with the 20-30 range?

I was thinking 20-30 per person that was going to be eating as a group. would give us ~120-150 to work with should be okay for it, might be a bit more, I've no problem putting down a bit more as I dont have long to drive compared to you lot, and am not flying. --- That being said, I'll bring my receipt from food shopping in case anyone wants to give it an eye over.

Hope this answers a few questions
I'll throw moneys at you for food.

oh and by the way...

I'm still coming and that's all I have to say.
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

[Image: playerfeed_1902018_bigsig.gif]
I did a little more research for anyone interested in hiking. I like waterfalls, as they provide a nice destination. Most of these look like they're about an hour or more drive away though.


Edit: Actually this one looks like it's about a 40 minute drive or less, and from the pictures, I want to go there.

Kosath Whitehorn
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