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Weekly Scholomance group forming
'Ello, mates an' mollies. I been casin' this old manor called Scholomance, and I needs some 'elp breakin' in. While we're at it there are a few spirits lurkin' on the island who want some payback against their former masters. Heh heh. What's new right?

I don't want to take a big group, they'll freak and find some way to escape prolly. About five of us will be tip-top. We might have to bust in there a few times... it's such a large place and we don't want to call too much attention to ourselves at once. If there's one thing that's always served me well is to always keep 'em guessin'. But if yer in, we're talkin' a commitment, once a week I'd say. So say yay or nay, or be a pigeon and jus' fly away.

((What I'mlooking for is a 5 man scholomance group that can meet weekly for raids to finish the whole quest line. If you aren't aware, there are some very good "dead" themed items to be found there, and the rewards for finishing the main quest line are awesome [http://www.thottbot.com/?q=4937]. Optimally for this dungeon, a mage would be most useful, though a warlock would suffice. And of course a tank and a healer. Leaving one spot open for anything else. Once I gauge interest, we can start planning out schedule concerns. I'd like to do one run a week though, as it can be pretty time consuming. But I'd like it to be the same group, because of the learning curve of both the dungeon and our group tactics for different battles. Plus, it's my hope we can all progress through the quests that are there at an equal rate so that we don't have to repeat the same ones too many times. Okay, seeya.))
I would certainly love to be included in this weekly raid. It will depend on which evening you are able to set it up for however.

I don't believe I have completed any of the quests in Scholomance yet.

Let me know if you would like to include a Hunter in your party.

60 Orc Hunter
Ironsong Tribe
Time could be an issue, but I'd like to get that series of quests done, no matter how much I hate scholo.
Solving the worlds fresh water crisis, one frost-bolt at a time.
me like scholomance

personally because....it's a giant school....heh....

i'd be glad to come if you want to pencil me in but with my new schedule now in place (School! YAY!...) It'll have to be, most likely, the weekends.

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