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Weekend Karazhan Raid
This post is just to see who would like to see a Karazhan Raid that happened a bit earlier on the weekends.

I personally would like to do a bit more Raiding with Daichallar, but the Raids happen really late for an east coaster like myself.

I can easily lead the Raid, so just voice your desire to go, and we can see what happens.

I will update this post with folks who have expressed the desire to go during the weekend between 11:00 AM and 9:00 PM.




*Denotes a possible alt
I'd love to go to Kara more with Dromand, as long as it was a full-clear run. Can tank/heal/dps, overgeared for all three. Prefer to tank, as an overgeared paladin tank just makes that place so much faster.
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Dromand (70 Tank/Healing Paladin), Logros (70 Enhancement Shaman), Denul (70 Shadow Priest), Bendon (70 AH-Mule Rogue)
On Waka or Insel
I'd like to get back into Kara.
once I get my attunement (yes I know not necessary but I feel like I should do it to show I'm not a slacker) and get geared up a bit I would definately be open to this raid time (not only am I on the east coast but as a college student I have some serious parties to hit up Wink )
I would like to go with Krell or Shantow if I'm available and there's room.
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
Myself (shadow spec) and Koonzo (elemental spec shammy and RL spouse) are in this East Coast boat also. We would love to join some earlier Sunday Kara if it can happen. We have added a couple of alts each to the guild, so dont be shy about saying 'hey, wanna come to Kara?' if you see us around on other characters.

See you in game!

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