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Warriors Prayer
Demon Rose is always itching for a fight, and like always she goes looking for it. However before she does this time she makes a stop in the throne room of the late King Teranas located above Undercity. Her worn and abused armor from countless battles clank softly with her walk as she strides up before the empty throne and kneels before it silently and begins to utter soft words.

"In this Hour of conflict, may our Spirits stay unbreakable. May our Honor never falter. May our Strength be eternal. May we fight to the bitter end. May we bring Victory to our cause. And if we must fall, Let our Sacrifice be a Testament to another generation of warriors to follow....Amen"

With her words said she now stands with weapon in hand as magical energies suddenly bend and rip reality next to her. Before her a portal forms and which she promptly steps through and appears on the other side. A Warlock of the Horde greets her as she can see that they are in the middle of nowhere with scattered Horde and Allience fighting all over the place. With a smile she takes a calm breath before her eyes focuses on her first victom, unleashing a high pitched screech that would make a banshee cover their ears.
She charges in to engage....and await her fate.

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