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**Warning ** Keepin it Real
I'm posting this here too because this effected at least one member of your guild. I'll remove it if told but i thought it important for people to know.

So yesterday after victory in Wintergrasp I formed a 25man VoA PuG. Typically I don't have to be particularly discriminating (and usually because of numbers , CANT) about who I invite.

I do try to follow a few standards however and that's first try and get people who helped take the fort, second i try to cover all classes. Third I always give everyone equal opportunity on rolls for their main spec.
For me, it's a badge run, i do it for fun and i try to get everyone through quickly and painlessly.

We go inside clear trash up to Kora and as i was about to do healing assignments and switch from tank to dps (because my dps gear was better than one of my other potential tanks DPS gear)

my OT Katybug Supreme leader of Keepin it Real (whom I had thought competent from a previous ICC run) decides it's time to go and engages,

i have no choice but to go help tank because the raid follows. The guy survives tanking despite standing in fire the ENTIRE time and making no effort to move. We down Kora and , what ho, paladin tanking pants dropped.

Now he has the gull to demand that the pants are his and tries to threaten be by saying he'll pull his guild members out (in whisper of course.) I refused his demands and let all prot main specced paladins roll on the pants. Just like with any other loot.

The guy loses the roll, whines and cry and calls ME an armature and he and his guild say nasty things to the raid and he pulls his 5 members out of the raid. He says i should have stated loot rules first and puts me on ignore and one of his guildies tells me to learn how to run a raid.

Hmmm maybe i would have mentioned loot rules if he hadn't pulled before i so much as did healing assignments or i don't know..... a ready check?

Anyway we ended up short on DPS and it was late and we couldn't find anyone else so we just downed Arch and called it.

Lawlz at people taking VoA seriously.

TLDR: Avoid Keepin' it Real and Katybug, they're a bunch of tools who think they're better than everyone else.

Just a warning to my fellow Horde.
Sounds fine. That kindof stuff happens, especially in a PUG raid. The guy sounds pretty immature. Thanks for the heads up.

“He lives not long who battles with the immortals, nor do his children prattle about his knees when he has come back from battle and the dead fray.”

Homer, The Iliad
Katybug, The same paladin who spent two hours trying to recruit me to Keepin' It Real and refused to take no as an answer.

Eventually, he realized I wasn't going to leave Ironsong.
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