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Warlords command - impossible?
With the 1.10 patch, it may very well even be more difficult to get your Drakefire Amulet. The fact is, UBRS is going to be a 10 man raid. This makes killing General Drakisath very difficult.

My point is, if you haven't completed your Drakefire Amulet (Onyxia key), please get on it.

Please post here if you have not completed it and need help.

Aye, this will definitely be easier to complete pre-Patch 1.10.

That said, Ironsong has completed UBRS with 11 people before and this was before most of us were anywhere as well geared and practiced as we now have become. Don't fear that if you don't get the quest line done in time that you will be stuck; just work on it if you are able to do so presently and you will be pleased that it will be easier.

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( They have changed the instance in 1.10, I do not know how much since I can never find a competent group on Test (when I'm able to log in there).

Apparently, it's more than possible and easier than the 45-minute Baron runs.)
Did LBRS 5-man without a priest, was an interesting run. Very few deaths too.
You need an almost perfect group composition... Try getting a hunter to use Aspect of the Cheetah and kite Drakkisath to the beast's room, while you nuke the guards as fast as you can. The hunter can jump over the fire and into the beasts chamber, or feign death to make the beast go back. Or at least, thats how the last two downs (for me) worked.
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Group composition doesn't have to be that perfect.

First time doing UBRS after 1.10, our party had 4 warriors and the rest was a smattering of classes. We had a couple close calls, but all in all we did fine. We also didn't kite Drakk (that I can remember) and instead double teamed him with two warriors while the other warriors took care of the guards.

I don't think we had a warlock at all, but I could be remembering wrong.

Though the Drakk kiting technique is VERY useful. I'd never done it before until my last two UBRS runs, and to say that it worked well would be an understatement.
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