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Warlord's Command
Just so everyone knows i will be leading this quest for anyone who needs it until i have gotten the quest done for everyone in the guild(or as close as possible).

If you need help with it and see me on shoot me a message and we will get a group and start the runs going for that particualar night or day.

This quest will take a while and be prepared for a run that will last a while but rest assured it will get done.

I am done with this myself but wish to make sure we all get the ball rolling so everyone can take place in fighting onyxia.

I look forward to seeing everyone and helping you all in the lower spire.
Just an added note:

As this will be my main concern for a while I will be mostly doing this and probably not have much time for some of the things we are doing currently so please understand,(I feel it is important to take care of this task for those in the guild whom might need it done).

If i am needed and have no groups running i can aid anyone whom might need it , all they need do is ask and i will aid them.
Did anyone take over Felegund's Warlord's Command runs after he left the guild? I know that there are quite a few of us who'd love to complete this. If not I'd love to take some groups into LBRS =)
i've made an attempt at doing this but.......
The problem are people's schedules.
so far, I've managed to help get Warlord's command done for about 7 others in the guild.

I'm still willing to get this done for anyone that want's to do it.

Available to you:
waltimus (60 mage)
Nightdemon (60 priest)

I'll take either as to what the group needs.

I'm hagning out some of the time on Empey (52 Warlock) trying to farm reagents for Major Healing potions, for the raids. If anyone has golden Sansam and Mountain Silversage and wants to dump it somewhere, send it to Empey. I'll make the potions and send them along.

There are still a few of us that need to get his done, and some coming up in the ranks.

Maybe we could schedule a time to give a go on Monday 2/20 or 2/21 at
530p game time.

Other suggestions on other times?

Also, any help from those with experience would be much appreciated.
I need to finish this as well, but will be offline for the next 2-3 weeks moving.
I'm available to help with WC on most weekday nights after 7:30; if I'm on and you need an assist go ahead and ask!

I only need Voone's gem to complete my UBRS key, so I'm always up for another run on his room.

Also, I'm still looking to complete my Rend run so I can start my Onyxia key chain; if anyone has recently completed WC and wants to group for that, give me a shout.
We definitely have a few people we are only available later at night like Uleib and Kyrall and their alts who are very much wanting to do this. 9pm game time for example. I'm usually not up to starting something quite that late unfortunately though I would like to see everyone get this stuff worked on. Do keep the thread alive or use Haida's in the Wayfarer's Wrangling Forum.
"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
I am available to help on this. I have spent time getting several folks through this quest. I have healed on it, pulled for it and tanked it, so send me a tell if you need me.

Shillatae, thank you for thinking of Uleib and me. Though we have been away for a while we will be returning allthough it may not be every night. We do also both still need to complete the Warlord's Command and so do our alts Kywraith and Ulgarr. 8 or 9pm is actually our time, EST. Server time would be 5 or 6pm. We put the kids to bed at 8pm our time so anytime after that is good. If anyone has a day planned that they would like to complete the quest just post it here and we will be happy to join you. Between us we have 2 60 hunters and a 60 mage and rogue to fill postions in a group.

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