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Wanted: RP Submissions for Hallow's End
Hey there mates. Myself and my fellow officers, are looking for some submissions for an upcoming moot, that is going to be based around the lore surrounding the Hallow's End Event. DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH THE COSTUME CONTEST on October 25th!! This is for the Nov. 1st moot, and I am planning two weeks ahead because I am looking for polished and well thought out stories about the Forsaken and our lives. We are asking for any poems or short stories that are Hallow's End themed, meaning having to do with the Forsaken breaking away from the Scourge.

I am mainly thinking of three seperate categories of submissions here:

- Poems about Undeath (can be about life before Undeath, but should be put into the perspective of an undead character)

- Tales of Loss, Torment, or Sorrow in the lives of Forsaken

- Tales of Horror in the battles Forsaken have fought against The Scourge

What I'm really looking for here is Diversity and Brevity. That means use your creativity to your utmost, but also put it in as few words as possible while still making it entertaining. Depending on the story and the character submitting it we may ask people to perform these at the Moot, but for the most part they will be read by the Tribal elders or an appointed Storyteller in the interests of simplicity.

The deadline for these will be one week from today, meaning Saturday October 27th at midnight. This will give the officers time to review and discuss the entries, and speak to the authors about editing, clarification or rewriting the submissions. Note: The sooner you send in a submission the more attention it will recieve and the better it's chances are of being involved in the Moot.

This is sometihing that I hope *everyone* will be involved in. Even if you can't make that moot, your entry could still be presented and all entries will be posted in finished formats on the forums, with the approval of the original authors.

(DO NOT post your stories on this thread. Please send them through Personal Message through the website or email them to me personally at <!-- e --><a href="mailtoConfused[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -->)

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