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Waha leaving for a bit.
Waha wanted to drop a big thanks to all in the tribe the good times i have had. This tribe has been an amazing group of people and it really made the game a great deal of fun. My wife is pregnant with our first child and I need to make some more time for her and the new baby that is on the way. Also ato save money I am canceling the subscription for a bit. I would also ask that I not be kicked from the tribe if it is at all possible. I do plan to come back eventually. probably 6 months or so. Maybe after the expansion and everything. Again a huge thanks to everyone for being my friend and I really enjoy you all and respect you al very much, I will keep you all in my thoughts and wish you all the best, and hope things go well for you al in my absence. Thanks sooooooo much my friends and until i see you again.. I will continue to check in with the tribe here on the totem, because I do consider you al friends, and if any of you are in illinois sometime let me know, it would be an honor to meet you.

With heartfelt respect, admiration, and honor,

Waha thunderhoof

( matt) real name hehe
Good luck to you and the family.
Having a newborn is so challenging and exciting.

Best wishes to you and the new baby!

Congratulations Waha!
I shall miss you Waha my friend...
Your heart is strong and wonderful..so much so that I sensed it even the first time we ever met. Your wife and new baby are so very lucky to have you. Though you leave for a bit I shall never forget you.

All my love and power

Sing True Ironsong!
Congratulations on the pending arrival of your little one! As Walt said, having a newborn is both challenging & exciting.

Although you will be missed during your absence, you are heading on an adventure even far more important than anything you have ever done. Sleep now! You will need it. Wink

-Kernasas (father of two)
You will be missed, but your place in the Tribe will be here upon your return. Best wishes to you and your wife! (We have alwys said that real life comes first!) See you upon your return. Safe journeys, my friend.
If you ever need any advice with new babies, I would be glad to give any that I can. I just had twins back in april. So, yeah, get some sleep while you can, the first couple weeks are pretty hard to get used to. But it gets easier with time.

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