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WAR - Discussing SERVERS pg 3
Closed beta is winding down, in the next week the open beta should start. A short handful of weeks later, it will be upon us.

Anyone planning to fight on the side of Chaos?

Perhaps on the third server alphabetically?
I'd like to play War, and try out the Beta, although when it comes out, I'm not gonna hop on the War wagon just when it comes out. I'm going to wait a few months mostly due to the fact that even with extensive Beta, most MMOs will need a few patches and hotfixes before you can't consider it unrefined.

Also, while I want to see the Marauder in action, Mythic took out the class I wanted to play the most: Choppas. Sad

But I will take a look at War when they have it up to speed with how they want it to play, and probably show all of those dweeby good guys who's boss with those big-as-a-bus Chosen. *Evil laugh*

So I'll see you there!
Expect me to be playing a Black Orc.
Them taking out so many classes at such a late stage kind put me off the game right now. I had been planning to come in as something chaos and something order. But now just seems like with the removal of most of the sub tank classes and a good bit of the melee that it is just going to go into a quagmire of single mechanic solutions that we had since BC came out in wow.

Long story short, they add the classes they took out back in fully fixed and they got my interest again. Till then, not going near it with a 10 foot cylindrical poking device.
So many of the classes?

They took out 4, leaving 20 remaining. And I have yet to see any of these classes prove ineffective in either RvR or PvE. But whatever floats your boat mate.
I'll be hopping on as both Order and Chaos at some point, though I'm not sure when.
Righteous are those who look up and sway with the wind,
Who look down and dance with the shifting of the soil,
Who swim with the movement of the tides!
I'll definitely be playing a Black Orc.
Kaerrah Wrote:So many of the classes?

They took out 4, leaving 20 remaining. And I have yet to see any of these classes prove ineffective in either RvR or PvE. But whatever floats your boat mate.
*Initiating debate protocols*

I haven't played the Beta, but if 20 classes are effective in both realms of gameplay, then that's pretty good. The trouble will be keeping them all balanced; and if they do that, more power to the WAR devs for what looks like an impossible feat. If they do get them all to be pretty fairly balanced, then I might not wait and just jump right into the game.

But to give Zee some credit, a number of unrefined features and missing content is the mark of an incomplete game. I could imagine that a number of folks like he and I will want to wait a bit before jumping headlong into a new game, if only to allow the devs some time to finish, clean, and polish their game to a mirror sheen. We're just giving them some time to catch up on development with the quick release they're shooting for, or they can expect us to keep our subscriptions with WoW.

Once they have it down to patch 2.0 or 1.3, or whatever they'd like to call the finished work, it might become the large influx of WoW players or most of the masterpiece that is WAR that Mythic has prophesied. If only for a loose feeling of doubt among the community skeptics waiting to see if WAR won't very good, there's always going to be a small group that will wait and see for themselves if they intend to play the game even with every original thing in it tweaked. It is what a good gamer does, afterall: wait and see what the general opinion is before a commitment to the next hottest game.

I guess it can be likened to the discovery of a new mine, and jaded prospectors would rather wait to see if it's full of diamonds or just worthless rocks before digging into that juicy core.

On the other hand, I like the potential of a few other classes other than just two of them, Witch Hunters look interesting, Bright Mages are different, and Marauders are pretty cool. I'd like to see some of a WAR version of Theorycraft go into these guys.
I really didn't wanna debate it, but since someone opened the door hehe. The reason I made my decision is pretty close to what ronx said, but not entirely. I would have agreed with the change, if the change did not come nearly two months to their deadline. It seems to me like one how of their devs put, they had to make the choice of either refine the classes to workable order, or remove them so they could release a clear product. While I know some agree that is what needed to be done, I feel like it was taking the easy way out to meet their deadline, which I just can not truck with. From what I heard, the classes were lacking a little bit, except the KotBS which was working fine, they just removed it for balance issues.

Now, the second heart of my issue with it comes from the fact that yes, there are 20 other classes. But only two real tanks on either side, which really, I have a problem with in that aspect. I don't wanna roll an orc or a chaos just so I can to satisfy my lust for tanking. Nor do I wanna roll a ironbreaker, not that I do not like dwarves, but that is not the kind of tank I was looking for. Now, an elf swordmaster is very close to what I was looking for, but lacks the flavor I was going for. Yes, you can guess which tank class I was going to roll.

From what I gathered, blackguard was the yang to swordmasters yin. But the way it was laid out to me was a reasonably high surviving decent dps tank variation with some aoe threat. That and it was evil as sin, as opposed to a tree hugging peacenik like the elves. Which lets face it, being good in a world of darkness is just not fun. So when they removed that my hear sank a bit.

The other classes removed seemed like iconic choices. Choppa, come on, not only was it the only other orc in the greenskins, it was their iconic persona. Same token with hammerer, whenever I first saw dwarves in the warhammer campaign I didn't see ironbreakers. I saw these short ,rotund, mean lil bastards with hammers the size of new jersey. Now in the case of the KotBS, their removal was just totally a balancing issue, they didn't wanna take to much away from chaos and not take the same from order. Which, I can respect their dedication to balance in that aspect, but if the class was not otherwise broken why removing it just to sacrifice it in the crucible of balance?

Think that about covers my views on the matter, most of what I garnered are from forums though. I can admit maybe my view is skewed, but that is just how I read into it.
I said, WAR!, huh!
Good God, y'all
What is it good for?!
-Absolutely nothing!-
Say it again!

WAR, whoa, Lord!
What is it good for
-Absolutely nothing!-
Zeengo Wrote:Think that about covers my views on the matter, most of what I garnered are from forums though. I can admit maybe my view is skewed, but that is just how I read into it.
I can agree with you on most points. I'll start by admitting that I haven't even given a sideways glance at the forums, so most of my information on the class mechanics is foggy at best. If they dumped one class because of the fact that it working properly makes it overpowered in contrast to the other classes, then you point the "Fail." finger at the devs because it won't get better until much elbow grease has been used on everybody else. All the while the prospect of 20 classes is pretty exciting, I maintain that lots of work is going to go into them before they all work right.

It's akin to the Dr. Frankenstein devs making all sorts of ill-mannered tweaks and fixes to the monstrous creation that will be WAR, with the Dr. devs having only insight and no experience on how fixing one point will affect the whole. All the while the Igor players have to run about the graveyard fetching up new bits that will be given to the Doc, and he'll have to make do with what he gets unless he can painstakingly and time-consumingly make new bits. Igor might get pretty irate at having tons of work and little progress to show for it and might need to advise the Doc a lot for that progress. It'll also be kind of hard for Igor to avoid his personal friends in the constabulary, and not getting in trouble with the law and made fun of for having a geeky pastime.

More importantly and on the personal note, I agree that knowing you're the baddie when pure Evil is a very real threat is very cathartic and fun. It's good to be bad. Which is pretty appropriate, since it transitions me to the next point quite nicely; I read up on a few of the armies of WAR, decided that I would go right for the Orcs (or Greenskins as it were), roll a Choppa, and write a macro that would yell "WAAAGH!" whenever I used a special move. Then you know what happens? Content cuts, including iconic classes. Now I'm stuck with a par of shorty Greenies, and a tank that I don't want and isn't even green. It cheapens the experience that a few races are shortchanged, like only one class for Orcs, and what should be elementary gets cut, like Choppas and hammerers. That's all I'm going to say on classes.

As for your view on the content cuts and the easy way out, well...

The general opinion on these guys is that they're pushing to make this deadline, regardless of the consequences, because they're locked in a "Must...beat...WoW..." mentality. While I can sympathize with that goal, this obviously means that they are going to make the release with a lot of stuff pretty raw. Ergo, they'll have to cut the stuff that'll need the most effort to make work for the present. That's a bit unprofessional, undoubted, and it's worth contemplating whether they are making the right decision or not to make that sacrifice to fit their ambition. The really easy way is to just toss all that content to the wayside, which would be totally uncouth; and I don't doubt the fans of the Warhammer universe would very disappointed in that decision, which can practically ensure that they're not unforgotten, if it's any condolences.

Considering this and the Bliz reputation on how they make their games, it makes you wonder if the release of WotLK will be pretty unfinished when their devs are pressed to have it comes out this "early."

Whatever happens, a lot of work will be put into War the next month and the following timespan, much like how I will need a lot of work on not using run-on sentences.

Dezna Wrote:I said, WAR!, huh!
Good God, y'all
What is it good for?!
-Absolutely nothing!-
Say it again!

WAR, whoa, Lord!
What is it good for
-Absolutely nothing!-
One up to you my good lady. :lol:
Quote:how I will need a lot of work on not using run-on sentences.

You and me both brother, you and me both.
When you have Skaven I will play... Smile
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Disciple of Khaine!!

Closest thing to a Shadow Priest I can get.
I'll likely do the Beta, just to appease my roomies that I tried it, but I'll likely be sticking with WoW. I'd need to upgrade my machine to play War, I think.
So Goji just pre-ordered WAR for Quokash, him and I (He is a kind soul)... guess we will at least be playing the beta. So Is there going to be a Server that us IST'ers are going to be rolling on? (Kinda what Kaerrah was getting at in the original post) If there isnt one we should may come up with one to play on. I don't know what we are going to roll yet, but it would be nice to have any IST that is going to be playing to play on the same server.

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