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As you enter the guild hall, you notice a poster hanging upon a space void of anything else. There seems to be some commotion surrounding this poster. As you get nearer you read:

For Crimes against the Horde and Traitorous Acts

Lacryma (last name unknown if any) was a Blood Knight of Silvermoon. She was believed dead at the Wrathgate, however, sources have turned up saying she is alive and well. As well as someone can be beyond death, anyway. She flies under the colors of the Alliance faction known as "Alahni Lo Andu". Any members of Alahni Lo Andu found within Horde land are to be taken in alive and interrogated. The Warchief will publicly decide what to do with them afterwords.

[Image: alashield.gif]
Alahni Lo Andu's Colors

Lacryma is now wandering the streets of Alliance homelands having made her allegiance with them. She now willingly kills any associate of the Horde without question. She has turned her back against us and must rightfully pay. If there is any information on where to find this murderer and traitor, let a high ranking official know immediately.

On the poster is a picture of what appears to be a Night Elf, her blue eyes indicating the fact that she is a Death Knight.

There is a scribbled note in the familiar handwriting of Melikar next to it:

There is also an award being given out for the one who can find her and bring back her head. If there are any Ironsong Defenders (or anyone else for that matter) who are interested in helping me capture this criminal, let me know as soon as possible. The more we have, the easier it will be the catch her. Sing True, Ironsong.

~ General Melikar Tuskert

((OOC bit: PvP is going to happen. If you would like to be part of this event, please whisper me in game (or let me know IC here) and I will add you to my list. You *do not* have to be an Ironsong Defender to take part, but I do expect the Defenders to step forward. I will try to find a time in which as many people who want to attend can.))
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Entering the guildhall, the lithe orc female knocks the dust off her armor, and sends her spectral cat off to hunt. Her descent on to a chair is halted as she notes the large poster. Reading it, she allows herself a tight, feral grin.

"Yes, I think a worthy hunt has long been overdue."

Taking a small brand from her belt, she heats it in the fire, then applies it to the bottom of the parchment. A scorched shape of a crescent moon shedding a teardrop is left. Beneath it is scrawled "Lhuurssa Bloodmoon."
Donalzon glances at the poster, looks away briefly and then looks back again in shock. "I must see for myself if this is true. It is easy to blaim those different, but the actions speak to the heart of the matter. I must be there when she is apprehended." He speedily writes a not to Melikar expressing an interest in the hunt, and another to the best hunters he has worked with to locate the "traitor".

“He lives not long who battles with the immortals, nor do his children prattle about his knees when he has come back from battle and the dead fray.”

Homer, The Iliad

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