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*glances around a moment, then steps forward with an awkward bow*

We be Vilyave... those we've known have called us a storm seer, a spirit speaker, a shaman even... and... and... also "batty", but we think it all 'tis just because we talk to the spirits on the wind, in the air, and they talk back, and some people can just hear our one side of the conversation. We've spent a bit of our time scouting and mending bashes and burns on the battlefields, but not enough to account for much, so we have no titles that we know of, and be just called Vilyave, or Vily if you be Ahuur, but we thwap him every time he calls us that, because silly it sounds. We don't shirk when called to fight, but... we'd much rather be out in the wilds, finding herbs to press in a book, or hunting to gather leathers and meat. Though we usually burn the meat. Not so good at cooking, though old Father did try to teach us. *mournful sigh, then brightening slightly with her next words* Old Father taught us lots of other things, though, and we learned those, yes. The colors of the air, the shapes of the clouds, the hunger of the fire, the language of the spirits - though we seemed to know that language by ourself already, mostly... he just helped straighten out the bits that were gibberish at first. Old Father be our mother's father, or our mother's mother's father, maybe. We have been with him always. We don't remember quite where we came from at first... blurry the memories be, though the ocean waves we remember very well, and the flowers. Old Father laughed when we brought him messy, big bundles of them, and then he taught us how to sniff out the useful ones, to pick them without stamping, though we were always too clumsy to grind and measure and brew them the way he did. Old Father showed us many things: all over we lived, in the mountains sometimes, the desert for a little while (*grumbles a little* ...we still hate the sand in our hooves...) and in the plains finally, where Old Father is still now.

When we were a little older, and were able to hit things other than our own fingers with a mace, Old Father said it was time we alone journeyed, to learn to See, to Hear, to Join... us alone and the earth spirits, and so we went. We were afraid, more afraid than we'd ever been... not just of the wolf bites and zhevra kicks, but of the Wild, of the Journey, of the Knowing. Of what we would see. We're still afraid sometimes, because some of the spirits are hurting, and we can /feel/ it... but we know they must be mended, the land and the races, all, and we know we can't help do that when our hands are shaking. And nothing makes us feel more real than when we've done something to mend it a little bit more.

We've met a few Very Good Friends since we started out on our own... in hunting and in those times we put ourself in Very Tight Spots and needed rescuing, and even when we were just poking around in the cities. We all called our little clan Stormcallers (...though we never really made a storm happen and neither did they), and much Trouble has been gotten into between us all. We're scattering now: seeds we are, on different journeys from each other, growing, learning different ways, each of us.

We ourself... we heard stories of this tribe that was called Ironsong, that they were wise and fair, with their own rules and laws, which we think are good... but mostly, that they were a family. We never had a tribe but Old Father, and we thought... well, we thought it sounded like a Very Good Thing. And we'd like to get to know you, if you'd let us.

*bobs her head and steps back with a little wave*

(( In the event it wasn't clear in Vil's ramble: She is a tauren shaman [57th], with the amazing PVP rank of Scout. Wink Her current professions are herbalism, skinning, and first aid [315, 305, and 300, respectively]. She is a terrible cook, though she wants very much to learn. The Code of Conduct has been read, understood, and quite agreed with. The rest of the answers are woven throughout... if there are any in need of clarification, let me know.

Also, I work second shift retail, and as such am rarely available during evening hours server time, and as yet haven't been off work or free from family obligations on a Thursday evening to attend a moot. If this is an issue, I do understand, though I hope it can be worked around somehow. Smile ))

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