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My name is Viktarius. Whatever sur name I had is lost to memory, and probably serves little purpose now anyway. I carry no title as yet, but that is certain to change.

I am a practitioner of the darkest form of the arcane and summon demons to my side to slay my enemies.

Of my old life I remember little, save that I once practiced magic of a different sort. When I awoke to this.... existence, I stumbling from the crypt. Confusion and shattered fragments of memory lured me out into the fields near Brill. There I found others, undead like myself, and heard the words they spoke telling me of what we had become. I sat in silence, not caring to move. There was no need to eat, to drink, sleep work, nothing. I remained that way for an interminable time, months perhaps. Many came and went from the Inn, and always I heard them speaking. I learned much in that time, about the Scarlet Crusade and about our apparently new enemies, the Alliance. Finally I stirred from my place there, and moved outside once again, for I could hold still no longer. There was a war at hand, and I would not sit idle and see the forsaken destroyed. The Burning Legion had brought this ruin to us, this mockery of existence. I vowed to destroy them with the very power they used against us, demon magic. And thus I began anew.

OOC: I've taken up Tailoring/ Enchanting Aslo First Aid, Cooking

I have no previous knowledge of the Horde before this, for I was not always as I am now. But wishing for things to be different will not make them so. I have a place among the Horde now, and I will lend my power to ensure that this existence continues. And I will strike down anyone who seeks to bring harm to what I have come to care for.

I came to know of the Ironsong Tribe from one called Traze. He spoke of the great unity the tribe shares, and a dedication of purpose. Both will prove important, if we are to survive in a world that thinks us monsters and would rather see us destroyed than tolerated.

OOC: I spend a fair amount of time working to reach level 60 I am content to hunt solo but happy to work in groups as well. Particularly when I know for certain that I need the assistance. I'm happy to help whenever I can so if you need something, please ask. I really enjoy raiding and doing at least some PvP, though I'm not hardcore about it.
I've also read the code of conduct and agree to abide by its terms.

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