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Vespasien Intro..
Well met and Hello Ironsong Tribe, My name is Vespasien Darkstrider and I am a Blood Knight and brother of the Forsaken rogue Senthris. My story is not much different then my brothers, however unlike him I did not suffer the plague, I lived on as an elf, of course I am now a Blood Elf and a proud Blood Knight and member of the Horde. You will all come to know me well in the coming days as we seek to destroy the legion,the scourge,and the alliance together. I have nothing but disdain and hate for the alliance who did nothing to help preserve our city..and of course I hate the scourge as well who actually did the destroying. I am unlike my brother in that I am a bit more reserved and..some would say uncaring I find that to be untrue but..people are entitled to their worthless opinions, ultimate power will be brought to my people Ironsong Tribe, and you,along with the rest of the horde, were wise to come along for the ride.

Vespaisen Darkstrider, Blood Knight Lt. 2nd Divsion,Silvermoon

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