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Very sophisticated e-mail phishing attempt: beware!
Take a look at this:


I received that mail earlier today, addressed to the email address associated with my WoW account.

Looks pretty official, doesn't it? I know I was a bit startled to hear that I was trying to sell my account, and clicked on the link to respond ASAP.

Turns out the link that is actually coded into the page isn't what the link text says at all - it actually takes you to <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://us.battle.net.account.reset.warcraft-battle.net">http://us.battle.net.account.reset.warcraft-battle.net</a><!-- m --> - which is a hacker site, controlled by the bad guys (the server is actually in Henan province, China, if you're curious).

I was using Firefox, which automatically detected the hack, and stopped me - but I'm sure that if I hadn't been using a browser with malware detection built in, I would have landed on a very official-looking website that would have tried to steal my passwords.

Once my guard was up, I noticed that the language in the note was just a little bit off - but it was enough to get me to click.

Beware! Blizzard will never ask you for your password!
Yeah...Blizz will never ask for PW. And no one ever asks for your secret question/answer. Good catch.

It's scary-real though.

When I doubt, guys and gals, just call Blizzard up.
I have actually been recieving at lease one e-mail a day from "Blizzard" advising me of account changes/password changes...the only thing is, is that its being sent to the e-mail previously used several months ago. I no longer use that e-mail as my battle.net login anymore...but its very very suspicious in that it looks exactly like the message that Blizzard actually sends you when there is a change. I may have to contact Blizzard in case its a glitch in their system but as the title suggests...beware of e-mail phishing attempts.
Yes, I get that one too, Eruadan. If you look at the source of the page, the link also redirects to the hacker server I mentioned in my first post - but they make it look like it goes to battle.net. Sneaky.

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