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Veramorla Grimtotem's History
The following is to clear up the confusion that many people have of Veramorla, as apparently no one seems to recall her history and how she affected the Tribe, or really just don't know her at all. This information is based on a long series of RP events that involved Vera that occurred LONG BEFORE Burning Crusade was even out. I'm hoping this will clear some things up. -Val

Veramorla Grimtotem came to Ironsong many years ago, long before many could recount as the Tribe has many new members and has grown considerably since those days. Vera never spoke much to the Tribe, only that she claimed she was a fugitive from her own clan, the Grimtotems. The Grimtotems seem to be the only clan of tauren with devious intentions. But why is this? There are small hints and allegations that may point to something else driving them, but the Grimtotem's intentions have never been clear. Regardless, the Tribe welcomed Vera as one of their own.

It was sometime later that the danger of holding Vera with us became apparent, for a wicked Grimtotem shaman came to us with two bodyguards and demanded us to turn Vera over to her. This turned out to be Delgarsida Grimtotem, who apparently was Vera's mother. The Tribe refused to turn Vera over to her, as she was part of the Tribe. In retaliation, Delgarsida sent her bodyguards to subdue Vera, but she only ended up slaying them instead. Delgarsida left, but not before giving the Tribe a warning that she would return.

Afterwards, Vera told the Tribe about herself and how her mother and father had become corrupted. Apparently, Delgarsida sold her soul to the Burning Legion in exchange for great power. This power she used caused great influence over her clan, regarding her as a high shaman and followed her will. Unknown to Vera at the time, Delgarsida had used this power to also turn her father into her slave. Vera told several people of her upbringing which involved her wanting to become a warrior and leaving her clan, but her mother and puppet father would not allow it. Events led her to eventually end up killing her father and escaping her mother, which is how she became a fugitive from her clan.

Some time later, Veramorla began to suffer from chronic nightmares that caused her to become irritable and restless. What she and the Tribe didn't know was that Delgarsida was secretly attacking her mind, driving her to become restless and weakening her will at the same time. Eventually, she began to lose her mind and started doing outragous things. (One such thing was purposely going around and slaughtering kodo herds in Mulgore for no apparent reason. Wingspirit was one of her closest friends at the time and could not understand her behavior.) Then one fateful day at another moot outside Orgrimmar's gates, Veramorla lost it completely. It was then Delgarsida made her second appearance and took ahold of Vera's mind completely, forcing her to cut down a few of her Tribemates. Before Vera could do any further damage, Lucinther bravely made his move by sneaking behind the source of the troubles and caught Delgarsida off guard. It was then discovered that Delgarsida had not actually come herself, but sent a shadow, or duplicate of herself through her dark powers. Vera's mind was released and the fallen Tribemates were restored. Vera then revealed key information about her mother after she had had her mind in contact with hers. Because of her fel powers, Delgarsida was virtually invulnerable to normal weaponry and magic. Thus Vera began seeking a weapon that would pierce her veil and end her life that continued to threaten her and her Tribe.

Veramorla went on many excursions with the Tribe to various places seeking such a weapon. Months passed without any further trouble from Delgarsida. New members also came into the Tribe in that time, including a curious troll shaman named Ptarra. Veramorla went into places as high as Blackrock Spire, to the deep regions of the Molten Core, to even the vast expanses of Zul Gurub, where the Gurubashi trolls held control in Stranglethorn Vale. She shared victory with the Tribe by down the Blood God known as Hakkar. It was on his fallen and broken body that Vera discovered a great and powerful weapon. Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds (A weapon she still carries to this day). To hide its presence from her mother, Vera wrapped it in runecloth to keep its power from attracting any unwanted attention. Now all she had to do was wait....

Rumors of the Dark Portal opening began to circulate through the world. The threat of another Burning Legion invasion was on everyone's mind at the time. At one particular moot, the Priestess, Shillatae addressed the Tribe, at one point turning over attention to the troll Ptarra, who talked briefly with the Tribe before doing what no one expected. Ptarra suddenly drew a dagger out and stabbed Shillatae with it. The weapon was a device for stealing souls! The Priestess's soul was stolen, trapped within the dagger. It was then Delgarsida made her third appearance, this time coming as herself. Ptarra had apparently been another victim of Delgarsida's manipulative ways. Under Delgarsida's direction, Ptarra infiltrated the Tribe and no one suspected a thing. Ptarra handed the dagger which held Shillatae's soul over to Delgarsida, who issued another ultimatum: Turn Vera over to her, or Shillatae's soul would never be returned to her body. Even with Shillatae's soul at ransom, the Tribe still refused her demands. This didn't stop Delgarsida from switching to alternative means. Using her dark powers, she took ahold of several Tribemembers at once and forced them to fight one another. The scene became extremely chaotic. Friend fought friend, some even tried taking a swing at Delgarsida, which proved to be pointless due to her fel magic veil. Vera had had enough. Ripping the runecloth from Zin'rokh, she brandished it at her mother, who for the first time finally showed fear in her eyes. In a quick motion, Vera pierced her dark veil, and cut down her mother, the witch who had caused so much trouble for Ironsong was at her mercy. Veramorla took the dagger from her and restored Shillatae's soul to her body. Afterwards, Vera delivered the deathblow to Delgarsida with the same weapon. Delgarsida died and her soul was now trapped inside her own weapon. Shillatae was furious at Ptarra for her deception, and as punishment, she was exiled from the Tribe. Over time, however, she was welcomed back. As for Delgarsida's soul which was trapped inside the dagger, Veramorla gave it Shillatae, who hid it from the world, never to be seen again. When asked how she felt about the incident, Vera replied solemnly, "No one should ever have to kill both their parents."

(This ends Vera's history prior to the Burning Crusade's release. More to come shortly.)


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