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Vardoth-Undead Rogue for Hire
Good evening, all Forsaken and Horde. I would like to introduce myself as Vardoth Narvenci (Nar-VEN-chee), but just Vardoth will always do. As one of Lady Sylvanas’ soldiers, I have acquired the title of First Sergeant.

What kind of fighter am I, you ask? In this life, I am a rogue, currently trained to be an assassin…what I was before this? Honestly, it is all a foggy blur to me…

You want to know more about me? Fine, I have nothing better to do…As I said before, my life after death is the only life I know right now. The only way I even recall my name was after my resuscitation, I noticed I was tightly grasping a large wad of paper. After the rigor mortis wore off an hour later, I read it and it had my name, and the age when I died (28, if you must know); nothing else. I had a feeling that I purposely left out the details before I died so when I awoke I wouldn’t have the burden of what happened before. When pondering upon my personal mystery, it was then I chose to remain an enigma: a rogue, hidden in the shadows with the strength of the undead to support me.
According to what I have heard, my succumbing to the plague was actually rather late compared to most, as I did not serve under the Lich King that long. In fact…I do not ever recall liking him that much, honestly. It is most possible that I was made near the time his power was waning, and I knew deep inside to dislike him for he is the reason I am this way. At the same time, Lady Sylvanas broke away from his power and gathering her strength to separate herself from Ner’Zhul and Arthas. Agreeing with the Queen’s ideals (not to mention I think she is rather entrancing, *ahem*), I, too became one of the Forsaken, a rebel undead who is fighting to destroy the cursed Lich King and any who oppose us.
Right now, I am rather comfortable with our situation…we have such a lovely spacious city to live in, plus the Tauren, Orc, and Troll races are helping us rather nicely. Some of the undead complain about their brutish nature and smell…although; I find it ironic that those who say such are rotting alive, so to speak. In either case, I think forming strong bonds with the other races is rather ideal, as we manage to complete our own motives faster…

Hm? What else do I do for a living? Well, aside from stealing from the poor saps across the continents, I also mine and engineer. I have a fascination for the gems I find in the ores I mine, and the beautiful flames my explosions create. Since I am rather nimble with my hands training with knives, I figured making little gadgets and guns would help me a bit. I can also make bandages and anti-venom very well, I am an expert cook, and I fish for a hobby. It’s quite relaxing.

Was I in any previous groups? For a long while, I have worked with those who call themselves the “Raven Dreamsâ€
Greetings Vardoth, I am Merrina, a Blademaster of The Ironsong Tribe. I am intrigued by your tale. We hold weekly gatherings, on Thursday, at 6 pm Orgrimmar ((server)) time. Since we change the locations each week, just whisper to any one in the Tribe for the location. Hope to see you there.

Troll Huntress of the 60th Season
Blademaster of Irongsong
Huntress Merrina, I am honored by your invitation, and will definitely attend this meeting. Until then, good luck on your adventuring.


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