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Vanguard comes under new Management
Hello everyone. As might be obvious by our lack of attempts on Kharazan these days, Vanguard has been put into a status of hiatus just now.

1) Kilro has stepped down from raiding. I did not ask his reasons and will not be posting them here.

2) Due to scheduling conflicts, we will no longer have Jivundus as part of our raiding team, negotiations for a new Tank are being discussed at this time.

3) I havn't managed to status with everyone on scheduling, but it looks favorable towards having a saturday/sunday raiding schedule at the moment, to allow for people not to feel so time constrained. I will be pushing for an earlier start time on these days.

4) I want people to take a long hard look at your spec and its raiding viablility. I understand many of you have concerns about speccing for the full benefit of the raid in order to preserve your soloing ability, but I would also like to state that until we can put this instance on "farm status" that its level of intensity is going to simply demand that we make concessions to it if we really want to make a solid attempt.

5) I am looking to overfill capacity for this raid, because quite frankly our lives have all to many variables in them to be able to commit all our weekend times to playing video games.

6) I am a flexible task master as long as you comply with everything I say without discussion.

7) Please - if you are part of this raid get in contact with me as soon as possible so we can seriously discuss its future viability.

Oh no... who let the warlock taste more power?


We give him one sword of immense power and this is what happens.

*throws hands up*

We're doomed....

((by the way I'm free friday, saturday and sunday no work no school no nothing.. other days of the week.. I have both work school from 8am-11pm server time so.... Weekend raiding rocks and I support it! And I'm here I'm discipline and stayin so naner naner naner))

I have recently, for the very first time, specced Ebberk out of deep ice. Im now 40/0/21 and am trying it out to see if it increases my strength in Raid situations. I havnt seen a drastic improvement thus far in dungeons, but we shall see this Saturday.
Good news for our tanking situation. Serous has agreed to join us saturday as our MT, and Eatmore as our MA. Hurrah.
I shall be there tomorrow at 3:30 then. I look forward to seeing all of you and raiding once more! : )

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