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Vanguard Zul Aman
Hello Vanguard alumni. Role call on who can make this lovely instance. my current thoughts I've run past Eatmore has to do with us making this exclusively a saturday Run...so we can all enjoy the weekend..or at least one of those days. I want to hear from people planning to attend, other people who might want to attend so we can start making plans.

I ran with you a few times, does that count? If it does, I'd be game.
what time are you thinking about doing it? and for how long? is it going to work around Gruul or not? more details might help. :)
Saturday would be faaantastic Smile
Saturday should be good for me, just need to know times and what will be going on with Gruul. Like will we do gruul then head to ZA as it is a short instance and once its on farm you can do it in 2-3 hours.
[Image: Eatmore.png]
given gruul is late in the afternoon - and evening for you poor east coasters, I thought it might be more advantageous to put it before Gruul. There is also the possibility of moving gruul to a sunday run (I'm not a fan of unilaterally saying GRUUL IS NOW SUNDAY, without feedback) But this seems the sanest way to handle things. Time frame would be roughly 1pm server, this is flexible with imput. THe reason i'm not putting time in stone is because I don't have a %100 great time frame people will be able to make it.

Craig -tell others to post on the matter
I can make it, but not sure what time works best for me. 1PM server would work but its a bit early in the day for me, and after gruul might not give much time before people start yawning.

As a side note, my druid ended up tanking the bear boss already. Simple fight, but he hits like a truck and takes a while to kill. Your basic gear check, with 3 healers and 2 tanks pretty much mandatory.
zeen/yaeth still available if you needs him. Any time works for me as long as I am given advance warning Smile
Before would be good for me.you really will only need 2-3 hours for a full ZA clear when its on farm and since the trash are on 20-30 min timers people will get tired of reclearing them lots making shorter runs better imo.
Allright, lets give this a go tommarow, please let the other players know (Dokcha, Gholjan, Mindial ect.) that we will be trying for it on saturday at 1pm. I will not be around today due to real life engagements but if we can spread the word and make an attempt we can have a little fun tommarow hopefully. No expectations, just a good time.

Oooh. Sounds like fun. I'll try and be around to see if I can snag a spot, although I doubt you'll be lacking bodies for this.
stats for the early saturday raid, bear and eagle down:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://wowwebstats.com/4wuklhxa3gybm">http://wowwebstats.com/4wuklhxa3gybm</a><!-- m -->

It doesn't seem to be splitting the boss fights properly, so here is my quick attempt at manual splits:
Bear try 1
Bear down
Eagle try 1
Eagle try 2
Eagle try 3
Eagle try 4
Eagle try 5
Eagle Down
solid attempts guys, very solid. That was some difficult learning and we adapted pretty well, hopefully we will give it another shot today and make some improvements (like less than 8 attempts on the bird boss for starters)

I'm painting all day today so I will probably not be able to make it to ZA.
[Image: Eatmore.png]
Sunday's raid, bear and lynx down, and a couple good attempts at eagle before we ran out of time.
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://wowwebstats.com/dp5uwgnzb6ity">http://wowwebstats.com/dp5uwgnzb6ity</a><!-- m -->

Bear Kill
Lynx attempt 2
Lynx attempt 3
Lynx Kill
Eagle attempt 1
Eagle attempt 2
Eagle attempt 3

For the Eagle, it seems that spreading out the melee didn't help much, since we were still close enough to be in range. However, there were lots of cases in the log where melee and ranged were both hit by the same static disruption. (here there are 7 people hit, including all 4 melee, the tank, and 2 ranged. I resisted, but was in range.). I think we need to spread the ranged out further, and bringing less melee for this fight might help as well. Assuming it targets a random player, with 5 melee there is a 50% chance that half the raid will be hit, if not more. It might be better to clump up the melee as much as possible, then make sure the ranged get far enough away that they're not hit by the melee, and vise versa.

For the lynx, the bear MT and warrior off tank seemed to work well. The logs confirm that he doesn't crush, and overall a druid looks to be better for main tanking that fight. In his normal phase he had a 13% miss chance on me, but in his seperated phase, he had a 29% miss chance against me. Seems odd.

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