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Vanea and Naruth absent 9/8
It is highly unlikely that V and I will make it to the raid this Saturday, as we will be spending the majority of the day moving. Joy. Which means, of course, that the raid will be needing a spare healer and more importantly, a sub mage-tank. *eyes Rajana?* Good luck to you lot, and have fun!
I believe Damoxian is going to be absent as well, which means I'll be bringing Grommash most likely
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Unless I can swing something cleaver at work, Sound won't be able to make it on Saturday until 3:10'ish. So, if the raid plans on starting at 2:30'ish like last weekend, you'll need to find another healer to fill my spot as well (or at least for Maulgar). Sorry.. Sad
Sound Wrote:Unless I can swing something cleaver at work

While this is disappointing, I don't think its really a valid reason to start using cutlery on your co-workers. Besides, it would be hard for you to make the raid next week from inside a jail cell.

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Funniest thing all day. Thanks. Smile
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So I uh.. /bonksherself.

Thanks for helping me get stupidly confused, laugh and then doom myself all at once, Gio. :p

And honestly, the guys in appliances truly wouldn't mind it. *innocent look!*
Just wanted to note that while I'll make the run, I may have to leave early depending how long it takes us. Probably 5-6ish
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Crush enemy, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.
I will be MIA Saturday as well. Last campin trip of the year and if I miss it I will have an angry wife. Nobody likes an angry wife =P.
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Darn you people! You're not allowed to all be absent at once!! If the raid doesn't go down on a day I can finaly make it again, I swear, I'll hurt you in the most painful and excessivly creative ways possible.

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