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Greetings Ironsong tribe,

My Name is Utsusemi. I am a Rogue of the ripe old age of 60. I have come to pledge my allegance to the Ironsong Tribe. I have heard in my adventures that the your tribe is one of the greatest in all of Azeroth, and it would be a pleasure to serve.

I have many useful talents that I may bring to the Tribe. Some of which are my masterful elemental leather working, and my ability to skin all but the very toughest of beasts. I have much experience in fighting back the dreaded Alliance from trying to take lands that are rightfully ours. During these military campains I have achieved the rank of Stone Gaurd, and soon will be of the Blood Gaurd. It is my Goal to one day be the Leader of all our Military forces, but that is a mighty task that I will certainly need your help in.

Much of my distant past is lost to me. At an early age some grave event happened to me. Because of that I know nothing of my orgins. From my first year I have been raised and tutored by my father and friend Meon. His tutaledge in the ways of stealth and subterfuge is all I remember from a young age. I hope that some day I might me able to find who my true family is.

I have been a member of The Warsong Clan, and though they are great in number they are lacking in unity, so i chose to leave them and forge my own path in life. That is a true test of anyones abilities, to struggle threw life alone. Threw the endless wondering I have found that being alone has its own merits, but to be truely strong is to be in a family that is united. And that is what I have heard of The Ironsong Tribe, that you value Unity, Humility, Respect for others, Maturity, being true to ones self ((RPing)). these are all values I hold dear, and I feel that this is were I belong. I do hope that threw this introduction you may feel I belong.

With that said I will leave my future in your hands. I bid you all well, and May your blades never dull...


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