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Useful Fire Resist gear information
This is a partial guide to increasing your Fire Resist rating through gear that is accessible in regular instances. While this guide is intended for people preparing for Molten Core it is also useful for Onyxia and certain other encounters. One caveat: Some people swear by FR for the Onyxia encounter, others don't bother with it in favor of stamina and staying power (spirit for healers for example). Don't get too worried about your FR rating, I just present this for those interested. It helped me a lot. I now have 146 FR unbuffed with only two MC items, one of which is only a blue, and retain excellent mana and spirit in that garb.

Vani wrote:

Dire Maul:
Book Trinkets
Elder Magus Pendant
Flamescarred Shoulders
Felhide Cap

Incendius drops
Circle of Flame
Cape of the Fire Salamander
Molten Fists
Magmus Stone
Searingscale Leggings
Flamestrider robes
Kindling Stave
Note: BRD's Shadowforge Vault also can drop Burning Essence, which is the critical reagent for Libram of Resistance, +20 FR to head or leg slots.

Emberfury Talisman
Draconian Deflector
Dragonrider Boots
Nightbrace Tunic
Starfire Tiara
Polychromatic Visionwrap

Skull of Burning Shadows

Skullsmoke Pants

Black Dragonscale Gear
Dragonscale BP
Red Dragonscale BP
Helm of Fire
Cloak of Fire
Wizardweave gear

Flame Mantle of the Dawn (Revered with AD)
Enchant: Greater Resistance
Enchant: Fire Resistance
Updated 8/07

Since it is now conceivable that we're going to be spawning Ragnaros on a regular basis, it's time we really started getting serious about farming Fire Resistance gear for our squad--according to every guide I have read, including the Pacifist guide Rorq linked, we need everybody with at least 80 resistance unbuffed.

Thusly, I'm making the schematic goal for our (meaning all cloth and leather wearers, plus shamans and hunters--warriors that matter hopefully will be fairly decked out in Dark Iron) setups 110 FR, unbuffed. I think this is possible without an inornate number of epics. (Though if you think you're going to get that in a suit full of blues, you're completely kidding yourself) I'll be focusing on blue-quality items here that can be obtained outside of Molten Core--I'm going to assume everybody's already familiar with Valakhad's Flarecore and Zyzzyx's bracers, and the fact that most of our tier 1 sets have healthy dollops of FR.

First thing we need is to get everybody with thier Dire Maul book trinkets. These take like 10 minutes to get after you get your hands on the book (three or four pulls in DM north, fewer if you're careful) and aside from 10 FR, they give delightful bonuses based on your class (the priest one is especially tasty). We all need to get regular groups running DM easy, which I believe has the highest turnout of books, to get as many people sporting these trinkets as possible. I think DM North might turn out more books, but I am honestly not sure if the guards have chance of dropping them. If they do, non-tribute runs may well be our best bet.

Aside from the trinkets, for our casters and our shamans, we have Elder Magus Pendant that drops from an invisible undead spawn in Dire Maul West. He also drops Flamescarred Shoulders for our rogues, and is a known dropper of trinket books. (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.thottbot.com/?n=476761">http://www.thottbot.com/?n=476761</a><!-- m --> mob info) There's no reason we shouldn't have that pendant or our Onyxia keys around the necks of every single cloth wearer, druid, and shaman in our raid. It's one of the best FR pieces out there with acceptable stats. Rogues and druids, this guy might be stealthable, I don't know for sure. We also have Lethtendris in DM Easy who drops Felhide Cap for our rogues. I know for a fact you can get to this girl with a stealth group, but I'd be surprised if she's killable with a stealth group. Aside from Felhide, she drops a nice channeling rod for any casters and trinket books.

Hunters could probably make good use of both Felhide and Flamescarred. If you're in your Fire Resist gear, it's because normal armor isn't going to do you much good, anyway.

Essentially, surgical strikes in DM are the order of the day as far as focused item farming. Lethendris and the invisible Magister need to die a lot, both to get Felhides and Pendants distributed and get the books churning out so we can get every last person in our core group thier DM trinket. A Lethendris run takes about 30 to 45 minutes with a decent group, and a magister run can take even less than that if you're careful about aggro.

The second thing we need are the FR bracers that Lord Incendius drops in BRD. (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.thottbot.com/?n=127480">http://www.thottbot.com/?n=127480</a><!-- m -->) For the uninitiated, he drops blue-quality bracers that lend 10 FR plus about 20 points in random stats stats (they get a random suffix; of the owl, eagle, monkey, etc). These are ideal for Molten Core, and considering how childishly easy BRD is, there's absolutely no reason why we shouldn't have all our core raiders with a set of these. Note to rogues and druids: Unless I'm remembering incorrectly, the flameguard destroyers that guard the bar do NOT have a damage aura, and are stealthable. If this is correct, Incendius should be stealthable by going in to the East Garrison, killing one pull, opening the Shadowforge lock, stealthing to the bar, and having Nagmara open the door. The quest to get keyed for the bar is The Love Potion and takes about 20 minutes to do with a full group. The only hard part about this quest is the Giant Silver Veins from giants in Azshara. Rorq and I got the veins I needed for my quest in no time at all; we spent more time riding our raptors to and from Valormok. Any group that intends to farm Incendius will need to have at least one person keyed for the bar so you don't have to kill phalanx every time. Incendius also drops the Ace of Elementals. Also note that Ambassador Flamelash, right near the bar, has a rare (.01%) of dropping Circle of Flame, in addition to his other drops. I might suggest taking the extra time for two pulls to kill Flamelash--Cape of the Fire Salamander a non-offensive cloak for most ranged classes that gives 7 FR. He also drops Burst of Knowledge, which is coveted by basically anyone who uses mana, especially healers. He also drops Molten Fists, a mail piece with 10 FR and a 5% chance to deal some fire damage on striking--melee shamans might be interested in this. Lastly, we have a rare spawn near the Ironfel quest turn in to get your Shadowforge key. Pyromancer Loregrain. This guy drops Searingscale Leggings for shamans, Flamestrider robes for Druids, and Kindling Stave for shamans, druids, and cloth. This guy also drops the Firey Enchant. I'm sure Valakhad would love you if you'd ask to go farming Loregrain with him.

In addition to all the goodies BRD holds for us in pure FR, the Shadowforge Vault also has a delightful assortment of libram pieces--Burning Essence, Black Blood of the Tormented, and Eye of Kajal.

That pretty much does it for BRD stuff. It'd be a good idea, in my opinion, to start annihilating the place on a regular basis. Daily, at least, between the guilds we've got making up our core. BRD is even 10-mannable, so it's plausible to get 10 guys together to leapfrog pulls (one pulls, another rests, and they swap) to make this go even faster.

Finally, we have UBRS. Draconian Deflectors are 10 FR. All our warriors already have this, but if our shamans could manage to ninja one for themselves, it'd be a good idea to round out your FR suit. The Dragonrider boots from Rend are also going to be very popular with all cloth and probably shamans too. Again, if you're putting on your FR gear, it's because there's a lot more fire damage flying around than physical--don't worry about mixing and matching. Blazefury Medallion, from Emberseer, also gives 7 FR, and would be a much better fit for our rogues and hunters than Onyxia keys as far as stats go. We also have the Polychromatic Visionwrap from Father Flame. It's a huge gimp to your stats, as it gives only resists and eats up your chest slot, but it is +20 FR in case you're interested in it. We also have Starfire Tiara from Jed Runewatcher, a rare spawn in Goraluk Anvilcrack's room. In my dozens of UBRS raids, I've never seen him, ever, so farming him is probably not an option, but the tiara is so good I just had to mention it.

We've got some people in the raid, like Grae, who are still lacking thier chest set anyway, so I think it'd be a good idea to get them in on the raids and really make it worthwhile for us to head there.

As far as craftables, we have a few things to consider, as well. Black Dragonscale armor gives about 32 fire resist for all three pieces, and they all give straight bonuses to attack power (154 for all three). Hunters might want to start looking into these. You're looking at about 160 black dragonscales to complete all three, not including the three cured rugged hides and the four enchanted leather you'd need. Kretol is a Dragonscale worker, and I know he can do at least the shoulders for certain. Shamans might consider the Dragonscale BP or Red Dragonscale BP. The stats are pretty light on them, but it's 12 FR, and the Red BP gives a healing bonus. For the rogue or hunter that's too lazy to farm for a Felhide, there is the option of a Helm of Fire. This is only 5 FR, but it's better than nothing, and the mats for this can be farmed inside of a day if you put your mind to it.

The last thing of note is the Ocean/Tidal Breeze rings that you receive as rewards for Hands of the Enemy from Hydraxis. These are both 15 FR with acceptable stats on them, and you can get this quest done just by showing up to Molten Core for boss kills. This is another one where it'd just be silly if all our core raiders didn't have this in the next week or two.

To sum up: Surgical farms of DM, annihilation of BRD, BRS runs to shore it up, and show up to Molten Core to get your rings--you'll be well on your way to that triple-digit goal without many epics at all.
Eh, should add FIre Striders to Stratholme list, 15 FR on boots with some spirit (15 I think) offa Balnazzar, retired mine in favor of new boots, but good FR on a Cloth Item.
For Engineers there is also the Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector. It is a trinket with 18 fire resist, plus you can click it to reflect fire spells for 10 seconds. Kind of expensive on the materials though.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Here is Akora's Farmable Fire Resist guilde. for Shamans

Helm – Sunblaze Coif it’s a level 30 helm with ok stats that drops in SM, I got mine in the AH for 5 gold

Shoulders – Drakesfire Epaulets or Black Dragon Shoulders
The Drakesfire Epaulets give great stats

Chest – Red or Black Dragon Scale breastplate (there is also a plain dragonscale breastplate that give good fire resistance and stamina)
Red Dragonscale Breastplate gives a nice bonus to healing, but requires 30 red dragon scales to craft it (i.e. rockstar level of effort)

Wrist – Pyremail Wristguards found in Black Rock Depths off of Lord Incinderous
The stats are one of those ‘random drops’ +10 to two stats or +15 to one stat

Hands – Storm Gauntlets (Crafted) or Molten Fists found in BRD
The Storm Gauntlets have decent stats and the materials are not too bad to get either (Samba crafted mine)
Waist – Not much here, there is a leather +20 fire resist belt that drops in UD Strat. Or get the Earthfury Belt like me The Firey Chain Girdle is great but very hard to get.

Legs – Searingscale Leggings in BRD, Black Dragonscale Leggings
The Searingscale Legging have nice stats
Use: Consider wearing them all the time in MC or for boss fights

Feet – Flamewalkers UBRS
Use: Just consider the Flamewalkers for the boss fights
Black Dragonscale boots give great fire resist, but you'll need an accomplished MC group to get the materials needed for these.

Shield – Draconian Deflector UBRS

Rings – You can get a fire resist ring as a quest reward for five manning Ramstein in UD Strat You have to choose between a Int/Sta ring and a Fire Resist ring. I wish I took the fire resistance ring, because there are other equal or better Int. rings out there. Also there is a fire resist ring with INT & SPI from completing the quest line from Duke Hydroxis
Use: Consider the Ring for the boss fights or all the time. Or that silly key to UBRS also doubles as a +10 fire resist ring.

Necklaces – Drakesfire Amulet – the Onyxia entrance quest, Elder Magus Pendant in DM West (the Pendant has great stats)

Back – Wildfire Cape in UBRS, Cape of the Fire Salamander in BRD, or the Chromatic Cloak if you are into painful farming (or just date a farmer for awhile get the materials and dump him)

Trinket – the Royal Seal of some unpronounceable name (damn Elves), aka the Shaman Trinket from finding the book ‘Frost Shock and You’

1H Weapon – There is a mace that drops in UBRS the Materwork Mace from AnvilCrack (haha – I refused a blind date from this guy once), No stats just +10 Fire Resist – 37 dps

2H Weapon – Kindling Stave in BRD
Decent stats
Use: – Consider using the weapon for the fire boss fights

Potions – Fire Resist & Greater Fire Resist
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