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My Name is Urzok Blacksoul

I am a rogue, an assasin.

My Life, was a road of twists and turns. I was born in Stormwind my father and mother were Medical Doctors in the speacialty of the "Plague". They were working on a subject who was brought back from Andorhal, Rather found in the debree, in anycase he was slowly turning into the foul Scourge and my parents were placed on the job to stop or slow the "spread" but the subject went through speeded changes and transformed into one of the foul Ghouls and without emotion tore my parents apart, this was at my age of 18. Several years later in my 25'th year of living I was told I was infected by the Plague. I was taken away and executed for having thought I was infected.... turned out I wasnt. Now I am Forsaken and intend to aid the horde in anyway possible. But, most of all.... to destroy the scourge... Glory to the Forsaken!

I am skilled in the ways of taking magical elements and empowering items (Enchanting), I am also skilled in First Aid, and I also mine minerals.

I have had no affiliation with any other clan.

(( my interest with you guys is that you Raid AND RP, and I think thats incredible, I also would like to give RP on the horde a try it intrigues me. And you know Shogal, we are Guildmates in one of the extremest RP guilds on the alliance: The Caelestis Templares, in that guild my name is Aldran; Battle Templar of the Caelestis Crsuade.))

My greatest trial was facing my falsely made execution, and the death of my family, those were my greatest trails. Though long ago they were... still the greatest trails I had to face.

I seek to aid my allies in anyway possible, but in any chance I get I wish to slay any of the scourge no matter the cost of my self.

(( World of warcraft is the greatest game I have ever played by far in my experience. I love the constant change, the quests, just everything about it even the history hooks me on this game I love it! ))

(( I have indeed read your code of conduct, I understand it and agree to it completely. ))


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