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Ursoc nutshell guide
Ursoc is a very straightforward fight, but he does a lot of damage which ramps up over time, and has a large health pool.

ABILITIES:  He basically has TWO abilities:  a charge, called Focused Gaze, which does damage to everyone in his path, debuffs them, knocks them back, and does raid-wide damage.  Then he has an AoE called Roaring Cacophony which does damage split among players within 25 yards.  He does two anti-tank attacks, called Overwhelm and Rend Flesh:  these each require a tank swap.

STRATEGY:  We will split the raid into TWO SOAK GROUPS that will alternate getting hit by his charge.  The current soaking group should stand roughly in a line going out from the boss.  The non-soaking group can spread loosely on the same side of the boss (and to either side of the soak group).  When a player is targeted by Focused Gaze, they need to run BEHIND the soak group.  Once the charge happens, the groups change places.

To handle Roaring Cacophony, the players need to be within 25 yards of the boss to share the damage.  This should not be a problem if we have a line of soakers + current non-soaking players loosely scattered to either side of this line.  Early on the tanks and melee can handle this, but later in the fight ranged will need to help soak, then the whole raid.

TANKS:  Taunt after every cast of Overwhelm or Rend Flesh.
HEALERS:  Damage will ramp up as the fight goes on.
DPS:  Make sure cooldowns are available for 30%.
BLOODLUST:  After soft enrage at 30%.

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