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Upper Blackrock Spire
Hail Ironsong!!

If anyone wants to or is willing to go to UBRS I would love the company. I have been trying to get the devout robe for quite some time now with no luck. last month I took off from the game and have come back with renewed determination. If we want to setup another guild raid that would be great last saturdays run was one of the cleanest blackrock raids I have ever been on (not one death). So if anyone is interested you know where to find me.

P.S. I also need to find my gloves in Live Strat and I will be done with the set so any help there would be great Tongue

I'd love to do more UBRS. I've been after something myself there for a while, but as of yet the alusive shield has proved it's hatred for me, though I'll be sure to obtain it even if it doesn't want to be Big Grin.
(( hehe, I would volunteer to go, but I would be after the same things you are, Qui! Wink ...however, if you -do- find you need another priest, count me in... I enjoy going anywhere with the Tribe, with or without ph4t l3wtz ))
Give Akora a shout, I still need chromatic scales and that painweaver band. And my Draconian Deflector has a big black scratch in it - so I need a new one - but only if Umu is there. Smile
Vote Akora for MA!
Well, now I am looking to organize another Upper Spire expedition. I've reached the point in tasks where I need to collect eyes from the Black Flight. If anyone is interested, let me know (Preferably in-game).

Jadyn is planning a run tomrrow (Saturday) afternoon in-game, you should all get together and storm the place. : )

Kosath, Evie, and I will be offline all day unfortunately.
I definately still need to go to UBRS for the Warlord's Command quest as well as Valor pieces. As soon as Finals are over and I can have...what's the word I'm looking for...time? yeah thats it! I'll be on more consistently. Tongue
It would be my pleasure to go with you.
find me, message me, bleed and die with me.

I am yours to command.

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