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Updated Roster
EDIT (09/13/07): Changed the link on the main page back to point to the old roster. The new one is still a bit too buggy for my taste.

The new roster can be located at http://roster.ironsongtribe.com, but everyone should still consider the old Roster at http://www.ironsongtribe.com/roster as the primary one. Smile
May I ask what the MA next to some of the people's names mean?
And How do you get your alt's connected to you. Like Trillana is an alt of mine.
MA = Mainless Alt

The roster parser will parse alts as such if their officer note states who their main is. It's very specific as well. For instance, "Kretol alt" will work, where "Alt of Kretol" will not. If someone has an alt note whose main isn't guilded (even if the name is simply mispelled) or if the main specified also has an alt note, then they'll be classified as a Mainless Alt.
Now, this isn't too much of an issue assuming whichever officer that might invite an alt remembers to add the note. Unfortunately, they don't always do so. Wink

The reason I have it set to Officer note instead of Public note is because some may not immediately want folks to realize who their main is for one reason or another (RP reasons or otherwise). This way, it in a sense 'rewards' folks who actually make use of the Roster.
Awesome. First one besides Kretol to get mine working apparently. Wink Tongue
Heh. I found an armory sync mod for the older version of the Roster.
Take a look at how full the roster can be. Ha!
I love the roster, what do you think of the new version 2? Is it still in beta or officially released (website blocked here at work)? Any bugs?

I'll have to check the Armory Snyc tool, since it is like pulling teeth to get people to update. Big Grin Waiting for the Armory to do recipes and bank/bag space, then I will be happy. Custom profiles for different gear, would be the icing.
Version 2 is a bit buggy, and sometimes things just pop up for no apparent reason. It's a bit confusing getting used to, and sorting can be annoying. The layout of the menu at the top can be rather nice as well.
The ArmorySync addon is quite nice, on the other hand! And I highly doubt it (Armory) will end up doing recipes/bag contents. Just think of it as a way to flesh out the roster for those who don't want to get the addon (or are too lazy Wink ).

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