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Is looking like I should have the money to be able to do all sorts of things to my computer (basically get a new one) in the first week or august or so. Figured I would let you peoples know.
by the time I get back everyone will be 60 but me!
Yowza, August? Yeesh! Wink

Hope you are doing well, in any case! We await your return to Azeroth! *grin*
Bills to pay, work to do on the car. Kids need summer clothes (todders grow too darn fast), wife needs some computer upgrades for work which takes precidence over my computer stuff. So once I get all the other stuff out of the way I can splurge on me.
Althos Wrote:(todders grow too darn fast)
Isn't that the truth?!? Before you know it, they're in kindergarten and then off to college.

Don't fret, Althos. With me staying at home with my kids, I won't be 60 by the time you return. :wink:

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