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Upcoming Lich King RP/story coordination

I'm not sure if this is in the right forum since it is *about* RP, but isn't actually RP by itself... Anyway.

1) Thanks so very much for the Lich King defeat announcement! Much appreciated!

2) I thought it might be nice to add a thread of "where are they" for our various more active toons, so we can write stories and include each other in the tale. I know that the "actual" raid that beats him depends on a balance of classes, real life timing, 10 and 25 man versions, and various other things - but I figure this is more about the story to be told.

So, I guess I will start.

Phoronid - I very much see him in the raid to defeat, with Phoeni. (Hopefully alongside Alissandre at the end of the fight in some dramatic fashion, standing at range.)

Tursiops - I suspect he would end up behind the defensive line out at the front of the citadel, acting as arborial support. Still trapped in tree form and quite insane, but would be useful if carried/coaxed to a tactical location and used as a powerful healing ally. I suspect someone will carry him out there. Smile

Architeuthis/Mirounga... Far too young and not experienced enough to be actively involved in any serious tactical way, though I do have some individual stories perculating for them in response to the events (spirit world ripples, forsaken curse changes, etc...). Architeuthis might simply be parked on the airship to cast "slow fall" as needed - when anyone gets tossed off the tower.
I think its fine here to at least get ourselves situated.

Physicaly I raid with Aracna and hope to one day be able to be with one of our groups when we down him. However, RPwise it will be diffrent. Aracna as some may or may not know is currently pregnant...I really don't think anyone would want to bring her along. Firvan has already expressed worry about her raiding as is and wants her to stop.
Hi Phoronid,

I really like your idea of starting a thread in which people can share their stories about where they were and what they were doing when Arthas fell before Ironsong (on June 24). I look forward to this very much and will start thinking of stories for my characters, and I look forward to reading everyone else's!

For Zlinka, I plan to have her participate in the battle itself, in the thick of things, along with Oryx healing madly at range.


Wakamito (though I won't be playing him for the moot) will be on the line of the rear-guard action, keeping Scourge from re-entering the Citadel once the Champions make their assault. The line of Horde in heavy armor should be very impressive.

Masquerada will be in one of the mixed-units defending Horde towns and outposts, where Death Knights are matched with other soldiers (to ensure that if the Death Knights revert, they can be put down quickly).

Scynnalea will be in one of the skirmish teams attacking Scourge holdings during the battle, to keep pressure on the Lich King's reinforcements, keeping them away from the End Battle.

Wingspirit will be with the druid/rogue scouts keeping and eye out for shifts in Scourge activities, ready to relay tactical information to the skirmish or defense teams as needed.

Old Sparkleting is being paid a great amount of money to strengthen the armor and shields of the troops, though his pack-kodo, Lumpy, dislikes the cold greatly.

Anca, however, will not be selected as a Champion, despite her successes at the Argent Tournament, much to her consternation. She will not quite understand why she won't be allowed to go along just because she is "small." In fact, the Kor'kron mascot will casually be told by one of the commanders who hasn't worked with her to go to one of the encampments with the other children. Interestingly enough, though, she will not be given a direct order to do so, instead simply being dismissed as a child. Whatever will she do..?
Kureei will be among the healers at Light's Hammer tending to wounded Champions.

Lelora (Kureei's baby) will be tucked safely away in Dalaran with a family friend.
Melikar - He will be chosen to enter the Citadel and fight on the front lines. He'll be one of the many Horde forces pushing back Scourge as the forces get closer and closer to Arthas. (I will be RPing Mel at the actual in-game event)

Kardwel - With his ability to greatly heal because of his blood, this blood elf will be one receiving the wounded. He will be a part of the emergency reaction team (basically, the healers that get people just out of battle and need healing quickly rather than just needing to be tended to etc.) and will be at Light's Hammer inside the Citadel itself.

Sentei - As a warlock, his prowess of the dark arts is a powerful tool. However, he will most likely be outside the Citadel ensuring that Scourge stay away from the doors once the Champions go in.

Sydian - She, along with Sentei, will be taking up arms outside the Citadel. Her knowledge of Arcane and Frost arts will keep Arthas' ground forces at bay.

Kelzhin - Not having as much experience as many others, Kelzhin will be watching the Horde cities on Kalimdor and will serve as a messenger to the forces in Northrend if need be.
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
I don't normally do this, but I'm giving this thread a bump to keep it on the front page for a bit. Thursday will be here soon!
Donalzon having had much success with his various investments put off the hunt for his sister and spends the days trying to turn his fortune into arms for his tribemates. He also meets with the horde leaders to give recon on his successful forays into the Citadel. When the time comes he will be charging the lines of the scourge trying to give the strikers a chance at the Lich King.

Donalnob has managed to slip below the radar and has reeieved no orders. Normally he wouldn't concern himself with such a battle but he knows if it doesn't go well life as he knows it will likely end. He will use his fel arts to monitor the fight from nearby and will try to lend his aid at the most pivotal point. Hopefully such a time won't come.

“He lives not long who battles with the immortals, nor do his children prattle about his knees when he has come back from battle and the dead fray.”

Homer, The Iliad
Noodlemortis - On the front lines, cleaving skulls, and sucking up souls (for future use). "I'm going to have such a bad case of helmet hair after this," he was heard to say. "No one wants an emperor with helmet hair."

Wiskana, Winlaklu, Brutalmortis, Alizeah - Not yet ready for heavy fighting, they occupy themselves with outlying skirmishes.

Wiskernoodle - Lightin' up the scourgies and pickin' up the ladies! *shimmy shimmy* *hopes some tauren doesn't try to punt him*

Hyperion - Back at the alliance camp, performing triage.
[Image: IST_Noodle2_sm.jpg]
Lailya - will be assisting on the front lines with the main push to the Lich King, directing her summoned demons, providing healthstones as needed, and throwing curses and shadowbolts and seeds of corruption at anything that isn't friendly. And, hopefully, spitting on the Lich King's corpse when the time comes.

Ituhala - flying reconnaissance in Icecrown as a bird, noting Scourge movements and relaying messages among the commanders.
[Image: 2627648EgUWn.png]

[Image: 2627663SOPQY.png]
Not sure if I can just insert little things or not (mostly in the form of Axel's thing), or if I can count non-tribe characters I'm particularly fond of, but... I'll do so until someone tells me I shouldn't... x:

Axulia - As a part of the main assault force, Axulia fully intended to be the one to push forward and strike the final blow against the Lich King herself, finally avenging her beloved husband. However, as the need presented itself, she broke off from the main group with a small handful of others to stand against the last remnants of the scourge within the tower, as a last line of "You get no reinforcements, good sir."

Shuza - Sits idly in the guild hall, utterly confused as to why everyone seems to be missing, before shrugging and hopping away to raid the kitchens. (She's young, and wouldn't've been allowed to help much anyway)

Ikojima - makes with much pewpew from atop one of those awfully formidable gates.

Thristram - As a member of the Argent Crusade and Ashen Verdict, he appears at the front lines, cutting a swath through the scourge with his very big maces... ((Maybe I should come as him to the moot, and he can finally get guilded for saving someone, or just being a generally not-horrible person! Big Grin))
Aliss will most certainly be as close to the front line as she can get and will have been seen to do very little in the weeks leading up to the final assault besides sleep, study and train. Any time she's seen around the guild hall, she's incoherently distracted and far more disheveled than anyone has seen her previously outside of battle, often coming straight in from assaults to sit back beside her waist-high stack of dusty tomes. She hasn't been seen to eat or drink anything for many days except for some strongly aromatic spicy tea that seems always close at hand. Her temper is short and she's looking feverish.

(Sorry I haven't been around much lately! I figure I'll just play this out in rp as Aliss being particularly single minded about the assault on the Citadel)

Eadaoin has been packed off to family members in Silvermoon to keep her out of trouble. The most involved she'll get to be is crowd control in the city among the ranks of the Farstriders, though she's kind of hoping things will get rowdy down in Tranquillien so she gets to see some action.
While I won't be present at the moot due to work (today is my only day off, regrettably), I can say what my characters would have been doing...

Kretol, being the battle shaman he is, would have charged in with the rest of the front lines to put the hurt on the Lich King's forces and the big LK himself.

Kevarn would have preferred to cover the rear of the attacking force, aiming to take the brunt of the attacks and focus on defense.

Kotarek and Mothok would be out joining the forces at the front of the citadel, assisting in preventing any backup forces from heading in.
Zaevian- He will be leading a small group of Death Knights in the assault through a small entrance he found. (Some of you may remember he has been doing scouting missions under orders from Mograine in an attempt to find a alternative to the front gates)

Tutelary- She has been assigned to defending Orgrimmar. (Haven't played her as much as I would have liked so this seemed like a good place to put her)

Astianth- Still not strong enough to be sent to northrend he has been working with the goblins provideing explosives for the horde.

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