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Upcoming Changes to Tradeskills in 2.1 Patch
I borrowed this from the Blizzard forums, not sure how many folks actually read things over there so wanted to give you all a heads up!

Due to popular demand, we are revealing all of the current notes for professions in the upcoming content patch. Please remember, all notes may be subject to change.


* The chance of a discovery occurring while making potions has been substantially increased.
* Elixirs now stack in two categories, Battle (Offensive) and Guardian (Defensive) Elixirs. You can only have one of each type of Elixir up at a time. As a result Elixirs now stack with class abilities such as "Arcane Intellect."
* Elixirs now stack to 20.
* Four new defensive elixirs have been added. Two are on trainers, one is in Halaa and one is in Cenarion Expedition.
* "Flask of Petrification" can no longer be turned off during its duration, but it now will clear all threat from all monsters for the duration of the effect. Though monsters may reacquire you after the effect ends.
* Cooldown time on "Earthstorm" and "Skyfire Diamond" transmutes has been reduced to 1 day.
* "Invulnerability" potions now stop the first 120 damage per hit for 8 seconds, rather than making the imbiber physically immune.
* The major protection potions made by Alchemy now require more "Mana Thistle" and vials, but create 5 potions instead of just one.
* "Fel Strength" elixirs now work correctly with elixir mastery.
* "Elemental Absorption" potions now have a 2 minute duration rather than the 60 min duration they used to have.
* Alchemy transmute of "Heart of Fire" to "Elemental Fire" changed to 15 minute cooldown.
* Reagent costs and potency of all flasks has been reduced.
* The cost of "Imbued Vials" has been reduced.
* The chance to find a "Fel Lotus" while picking an herb has been increased.
* "Juju Chill" and "Juju Ember" are now considered Guardian Elixirs and do not stack with other resistance buffs.
* "Juju Flurry" is now considered a Battle Elixir and has been converted from haste to haste rating.
* "Ground Scorpok Assay","Juju Might","Juju Power", "Lung Juice Cocktail", and R.O.I.D.S are now considered Battle Elixirs.
* "Crystal Force", "Crystal Ward","Gizzard Gum", "Infallible Mind","Juju Escape", "Juju Guile", "Sheen of Zanza" and Swiftness of Zanza are all now considered Guardian Elixirs.
* "Sheen of Zanza" is now considered a Guardian Elixir. Stamina and Spirit bonuses have been reduced to 25.
* "Elixir of Fortitude" now correctly displays its name in its buff tooltip.
* The "Alchemist's Stone" bonus now works on potions that restore both health and mana.


* Enchant Bracer-Spellpower had its primal costs reduced slightly.
* Enchanting recipes that increase spell damage now also increase healing as well.
* The "Major Defense Bracer" enchantment has been moved from Ethereum Researchers to Ethereum Nullifiers.


* 11 new epic goggles have been introduced at 350 engineering skill and are available from the trainer. They range from cloth to plate, and have a variety of stats to appeal to most talent specs.
* A recipe for "Frost Grenades" and the "Icy Blasting Primers" needed to make them are now on engineering trainers.
* Engineering recipes can now be placed in engineering bags, as can engineer made fireworks.
* Many engineering recipes will now give skillups for longer than the previously did.
* An engineering recipe to make "Fused Wiring" can be found in both Everlook and Shattrath.
* Engineering Skill required to make the "Felsteel Stabilizer", "Hardened Adamantite Tube" and "Khorium Power Core" have been reduced slightly.
* "Adamantite Shells" now require less adamantite and do slightly more damage.
* The recipe for "Elemental Blasting Powder" now gives 4 powder when creating it, though it now requires an additional mote of earth.
* Engineers now make 3 "Smoke Flares" instead of just one when they create them. Also "Smoke Flares" now have a buy/sell price.
* "Seaforium" now opens locked chests as well as locked doors.
* The Consortium Vendor Karaaz now sells the engineering recipe for an "Elemental Seaforium Charge" if you are revered with them.
* The "Poultryizer" has a smaller chance of getting malfunction effects and is now a superior quality item.
* The "Nigh Invulnerability Belt" now has a smaller chance of failure.
* "Healing Potion Injectors" and "Mana Potion Injectors" created by engineers now have new icons.
* "Goblin Rocket Launcher" now has a 2 minute cooldown, and had its casting time reduced to 3.5 sec.


* The fishing timer has been reduced from 30 to 20 seconds and it now takes less time to fish.
* The fishing timer can no longer run through its duration without a fish biting.
* Fishing has been removed from Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley.
* You can now fish in Underbog.


* The jewelcrafting UI now has gems split up by color so it is easier to find gems of a specific color to create.
* A new set of more powerful gems can be found by raiding Hyjal and Black Temple. Their stats exceed those of previous gems that could be found.
* A number new gem cuts to existing gems have been added to the game. Included among them are a spell hit gem and more multi-stat gems that have attack power on them.
* Jewelcrafters can make two new melee oriented meta gems. One is found randomly as a world drop and the other sold by the reputation vendor.
* Thorium Setting only requires 2 thorium bars now
* Many Jewelcrafting recipes that required 200-280 skill to learn now have changed/reduced materials required to make them
* Mithril filigree has a slightly reduced range that it gives skillups.
* A number of jewelcrafting gems now give skill increases for slightly longer than they used to.
* "Pendant of Blasting" and "Necklace of Battle" will now grant their click effects to players correctly, previously they only worked on characters higher than level 47.
* Jewelcrafting Onslaught ring thorium cost reduced
* The vendor value for the raw green gems have been reduced. This will also make these gems cheaper to put up on the auction house (Blood Garnet, Golden Draenite, etc...)
* Prospecting now always yields at least 1 gem.
* Grand Master Jewelcrafters Hamanar (Shattrath City), Jazdalaad (The Stormspire), Kalaen (Thrallmar) and Tatiana (Honor Hold) may teach all levels of Jewelcrafting.
* The recipe for "Figurine - Golden Hare" no longer requires a "Cut Citrine". It now requires copper bars.


* "Knothide Armor" kits now require less leather to make and give skill increases for longer.
* Leatherworking made primalstrike set now has an attack power set bonus rather than a strength set bonus.
* Additional snakes that drop cobra scales are in the highlands of nagrand as well as in shadowmoon valley.
* Leatherworker made "Drums of Restoration" had their health/mana effects reduced slightly.
* "Nethercobra Leg Armor" and "Nethercleft Leg Armor" have been slightly improved.
* "Heavy Clefthoof Boots", "Heavy Clefthoof Leggings",and "Heavy Clefthoof Vest" have had their armor increased at the expense of some stamina and defense rating.

Additional Profession Changes

* Skinning higher level creatures will give more leather; you will no longer get a single leather scrap.
* Gathering skills no longer fail when you have reached the maximum skill possible.
* The "Stoneforged Claymore" model has been updated.
* "Fel Iron Bars" now have an icon unique from "Felsteel Bars".
* "Felsteel Bars" are now good quality (green items).
* The Tailoring recipe "Ebon Shadowbag" no longer drops on Spirit Walkers.
* Profession recipes that had 24 hour or longer cooldowns, have had their cooldowns reduced by 1 hour.
* Added Warped Flesh to high level warpstalkers.
* Alliance Cooks can now purchase the "Mok'Nathal Shortrib" and "Crunchy Serpent" recipes at Toshley's Station.
* Monsters will now attack players who are mining mineral nodes near to them, even if they didn't notice them previously.
* Golden Spellthread and Runic Spellthread have been slightly improved.
* Enchant Weapon- "Major Spellpower" enchant has been stolen from the Razaani spell thieves by the Bash'ir spell thieves. The Bash'ir are more likely to have the recipe than the Razaani previously did, however.
* "Imbued Netherweave Tunic" and robe recipes are vendor purchased so are now white instead of blue.
* "Nightmare Seed" found with herbalism now requires level 60 to use.
* The location of many of the Outland mineral nodes have been adjusted both to put them in locations that are more traveled and to make them more likely to be near creatures.
* Essences (Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Living) have had their drop rates significantly increased. Also Outland creatures that dropped motes will now have a chance of dropping essences as well.
* Materials required to make the Blacksmithing Adamantite plate armor have been reduced.
* The Epic bind on equip Blacksmith weapon recipes now require more materials to make.

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Nice... here's hoping this is just a first step.
Cloudjumper Wrote: * Essences (Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Living) have had their drop rates significantly increased. Also Outland creatures that dropped motes will now have a chance of dropping essences as well.
Unless Bliz intends on making them worth something at 70 or almost Hellfire peninsula exclusive, Bliz is just giving vendor loot and material to power-level the high artisan/early mastery professions. Imho, the Essences are like wearing level 50 blues at 70. Unless they're going to function like motes do to Primals, or something like a Transmute Essence to Primal, or they're going to give them an expanded use, the essences are kind of immaterial.

So here's to hoping they still have something up their sleeves.

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