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Unwanted Scholomance Items
(( Well, I have Tanzire set up as a excellent Mule at the moment. So I'm afraid I require him to hold things due to some ambitious plans I have in the making. Due to this, and the lack of response lately to any of the items, some of which have been in Tanzire's bank for a good several months at this point, I'm going to disenchant the items left and hold them for Fyria. MAybe in a future time I will revive this thread for the purpose of more items I wish to offer to the Tribe. But at the moment. I REALLY NEED A MULE! *twitch* ))
Dannae would like this (if no one else has claimed it yet):
Quicksliver Pendant of Concentration. Necklace
+6 Mana Every 5 Seconds
Requires Level 54
If it has not yet been claimed, I'd like the Glowstar (wand) for Nicoaa.

Mailed aaaand Mailed.
I've moved the unwanted items so far to a alt, so I no longer have any problems just holding onto them until someone, someday, comes to this thread and oooos! at one of the itmes and requests it for themselves. Frankly, I'm not sure we have a guild alt-vault or whatnot yet, but if anyone wants to send my alt a item, I will gladly post it up in this thread for holding onto and giving out when wanted ( Maybe make a new one )

That alt's name is.. Amusingly enough.. 'Tanzire'.. That's my same name, just with a I.
(( This spot blanked out. ))
That breastplate looks familiar. *peers*
Oh dear. Did I mess up again?
What, +12 defense leather shoulders??

I'll take those if they are unclaimed, not for myself, but I'm sure I can find a happy bear somewhere who would like them.
I wouldn't mind the Glorious Shoulder Pads of Defense (the +defense level 52 plate shoulders) for Shurka.

"You can never run from trouble, 'cause there ain't no place that far." - Scissor Sisters, "Lights"
Alrighty, you two. Look for your shoulder-pads from Tanzire. (With a I!)

Also, Kretol. I'm sending you the Breastplate, just to be safe.
(( Saved for my GF's Warrior for the day she can wear it. ))
The Imbued Plate Greaves and Blet of Valor are upgrades for Noram.
"Is it any wonder, under such a burden, they seemed mad? We all have found ourselves railing against them and later consoling them. Theirs was a burden we each bore but a fraction. They shouldered it, and in the end, it crushed them."

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