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Undead Strathome! ...in 45 minutes
So, I met this ghost by Strathome. Oddly enough, we did'nt try to kill each other. Instead he asked me to help save someone that Baron Rivendare has caged. The problem? Once he knows that I (or anyone else) is in the city, he gives an ultimatum. After 45 minutes, he will kill the captive unless we leave the city, or we reach him in time to stop the execution. I'm free all week, but I think tuesday night would be best around 5:30, so as not to conflict with any raids. Any help would be apriciated! ((I've never done a 45 min baron run))
I'd like to join in this...for i need to still do it as well...tuesday is great for me. I have not done it before either.
If you're planning to try a 45-min run and haven't done it before (especially as the tank,) you should refer to Kosath's post and information on the run here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.ironsongtribe.com/viewtopic.php?t=856&highlight=minute">http://www.ironsongtribe.com/viewtopic. ... ght=minute</a><!-- m -->

He includes a link to a map with the best route to take, and his post and the replies in the thread give a lot of great tips on how to complete the run in the best amount of time.

Good luck!
[Image: 85443.png][Image: 85444.png]
I can try to help.. I have done this once in the past with success though it's been a while.. I unfortunately cannot recall all that formed the group.
Selerinus has offered his services as well. Now it seems all we are in need of is a healer that is familiar with the run. Thanks for all of the volunteers and help so far by the way!
I need to do the 45min Baron Run too, I had it for forever. I don't know pull patterns, so I would be better off with somebody with the pull pattern, serving as DPS or the tank
I may start doing this every tuesday, until we do get it down, then keep hosting it as a regular weekly event for those who would like to go. I really don't expect to get this on the first try, but who knows? It would help those who want the reputation with the argent dawn as well.
I am not familiar with this run, having never even attempted it, but if you are in need of a healer, I would be happy to help if I am available!

how did it go last Tuesday? (Sorry i was not there...with our snow storms it took me forever to get home that night. And unfortunately i work evenings on the next few Tuesdays as well...-mutters and pouts-)

Well, we didn't do it as Naruth wasn't around either, but helped with the mini-moot instead. We'll try for next tuesday though, if you're up for it!
I'm on evenings next week, and the week after i think...if not will let ya know!
(Completely off-topic: Naruth, you just made my day with your signature. I could have sworn nobody else had even heard of that book. *hugs* I am now full of happy bouncy thoughts, and kind of want to dig it out before bedtime.

-SWC Cora)

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