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Umu's character bio.
Etched onto an animal hide for future generations by the spiritual leader of the Stonesnout Tribe Hulla Stonesnout*

The elder of our tribe, and wife to our great chieftain Fyorn Stonesnout went out to gather water early in the spring, wishing to go alone withought warriors for escort. When she returned to the village, her body was bruised and bleeding. Carmila claimed she had been abducted by an enormous Ogre, who beat her savagely until she finally managed to outsmart the beast and escape. None of this we doubted, as she always told the truth and is the wisest of our tribe. It soon became obvious that more had happened to her while she was away. She soon showed signs that she was with child, a child that was not Fyorn's. This shame was great for her, and her spirit seemed to break, but she was strong and managed to endure.

Finally the day came when the child was to be born. The birthing did not go well; the child was by far to large. After nearly a day, she succumbed to the pain. Though the child lived, our tribes elder perrished while delivering him into this world. As it grew, it became obvious that it was going to be far different then any in the tribe. The child grew at a normal tauren rate, but there was something far different about the muscles which could only have come from his brutish father. The child was already as strong as those training for the hunt at but three seasons, displayed when he not only lifted a warriors axe but used to to collapse a tents support pillar while he was not being watched. Though his strength was great, he gained another trait from the brute. His intelligence was horribly lacking. At the childs fourth season, it still could not talk. Basic concepts were beyond him, and an understanding of the earth mother could not be instilled. His muscle mass also brought other requirements. The child ate at least three times as much as any other his size, even out eating some of the elder of the tribe.

This winter is particularly harsh. The hunts are down, the weather much too cold. The tribe is lacking in food and pelts for warmth. The council met today to discuss what to do, and after a lengthy discussion, it was decided that the child could not be supported. It eats far too much, and cannot muster enough understanding to be able to train as a warrior or hunter for the tribe. It cannot contribute, and takes resources we scarce can afford. We cannot afford to lose several hunters to hunger, which will surely happen if the child is to stay. It is with a heavy heart that I record this, for no such thing has ever been done in this tribe, but for the tribe to go on, it is needed. In it's fifth season, the child will be abandoned in the forest. May the earth mother protect him, where we cannot.

I record this because nothing such as this has happened, and we hope it shall never happen again.

*etched below, on the lower half of the skin is a visibly newer set of pictograms in a slightly different hand.*

I, Malla Stonesnout, daughter of Hulla Stonesnout and new spiritual leader of the Stonesnout tribe feel it is my duty to return to this hide and continue it's story.

Three suns ago several of our outrunners were scouting far beyond our boundries for any signs of recent centaur activity. Though none was found, they did see a very strange sight. A very large, well taned naked Tauren was fighting an elder Kodo beast alone, with nothing but a very VERY large rock. They began to run to aid him, but by the time they arrived the Kodo lay still on the ground, the rock lodged in it's skull. They greeted the Tauren with the common Hoarde greeting "Thram'ka Warrior" as he did not look like he was from any local tribe. At this, the outrunners states he got a confused look, then heaved up his rock from the Kodo's skull and raised it as if expecting an attack. They lay their weapons down as a sign of peace, and tried to talk to him. After several long hours, they communicated that he should return to the village with them, and gave him some crude, quickly made clothing which he finally wore but seemed to dislike.

This day all three arrived. I believe this is the child which my mother Hulla Stonesnout wrote of. I offer this as my evidence. His strength is amazing. Walking into the village, he carried over one shoulder a truely massive rock, which he carried the whole three days walk back. Over the other shoulder was a freshly slain elder boar with a smashed head, which he then dropped on the ground and began to eat raw, refusing to let any cook it and shoving away any who tried to get some meat. The boar was a skeleton meer hours later, his appetite having consumed it all. He also seems to have some Ogre-ish features; extreme muscle build in his torso and a look on his face like that of a dimwitted brute, including a near constant string of drool. It is clear from trying to communicate with it that it has not had any contact with civilization, that all it knows is strength, hunger, and rage. Even trying sign language did not work well as it showed no signs of any understanding in it's message. This most likely confirms that the child, now grown to about twenty seasons is the one that was abandoned shamefully by our tribe. Though it appears Tauren, it's muscle build and lack of intelligence shows who his father was. We know this as the Ogres skull is still mounted in our chiefs tent, and the Taurens face slightly resembles it. It has no name that we yet know, but it seems to mumble the word "Umu" frequently as it growls to itself. This is what we shall call it.

I believe that the Earth Mother has blessed this child, though it has had a very hard life, for Umu has yet survived, and how can the tribe turn down one so blessed as to survive all that? We shall try to teach him our ways, our language. No doubt it shall be a hard task, but given time, he may become a great Warrior for our tribe, or even for the Hoard.

Let the story contained on this skin be told for generations, so that our tribe may learn this lesson. No matter what the being is, the Earth Mother may yet have a grand purpose for it, and that we must never again abandon one of our own.
Great Story, Umu.
If I find an Epic Rock, I''ll be sure to give it to Umu.
Vote Akora for MA!

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