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Ulnak was hunched over a table, slowly reading over an application to join the tribe. He could see the many different races passing the door. The crossroads have been his home for many years. Since the downfall of his fathers clan he has been patroling the Barrens, although only an orc hunter of 22 seasons.

The memories suddenly came streaming back into his mind of that final battle. His fathers clan roamed the south barrens, outcast by many horde members because they felt differently from the Thrall. His fathers booming words still echoed in his mind, the hateful words directed towards alliance and burning legion as if they were the same. The night came when no man or woman in the camp slept, they new what would come in the morning.

The wind swept slowly brushing the grasses of the barrens from side to side. The clank and clatter of assorted weapons in the hands of their masters could be heard as the two opposing factions stood face to face. Axes, maces, knives...anything that could be found. Hundreds of horde members turned out to the great fight. Some felt as Ulnaks father did, that all alliance must be destroyed, more felt differently. Ulnak stood at his fathers side, in one hand he grasped an axe and in the other a sword. No one knew what would start the battle, it was in that moment of confusion that suddenly a member of Thralls followers fell to the ground with a knife in his forehead. Chaos soon followed, the two forces ran at each other shouting and hacking. No one could distinguish friend from foe, so who you found was who you killed. Ulnak dug his sword deep into a Taurens chest as he hacked its head off with his axe. Quickly he grabbed a Troll by the tusk and cut the pitiful creatures stomach and watched as the Troll died slowly weeping and cursing. Ulnak stepped back to look at the raging battle, what he saw was beautiful...rarely did one get to fight for the greatest cause, ones own opinion.

Ulnak saw his father fall the the ground dead but he was not angry. A slight smile spread across his face. Is that not how it always went, old ways dieing to fertilize the new.

Ulnak was again brought back to the work at hand, he started scribbling down his thoughts...but beautiful actions are always hard to set to words. The memories made Ulnak think for a moment, he had not been in a clan or tribe since his fathers, but that was one of his greatest loves of azeroth, there were always new people who would receive and who could be received. Ulnak just wanted what all want, what people die for, to know his place in the world.

Till now he was simply a scout for the horde patrolling boarders, but now he has a chance for a second fellowship.

((Please excuse me if anything becomes dull or drawn out, one gets so many ideas in mind its hard to keep them in order sometimes. I do agree to the terms of conduct))
*Merrina read the app with a small frown on her forehead, looking up at the other Blademasters, Farseers, and adisors* Do any of you know why he was killing Tauren and Trolls? Perhaps they were part of the Burning Legion? *Frowns again, as she taps the application*

((Great ic app, just one thing not answered - how did you hear about the Tribe? Oh, and why were you killing Tauren and Trolls?))
((Do this ooc hehe, its not hard to find the good rp guilds on this server as there are so few, I heard through word of mouth. And I used Tauren and Trolls to show that it was not just orcs, but all the horde. As they are now the horde and not seperate entities.))

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