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Ulduar alt run
My ToC night turned into an ICC night and its turning into a Uld gearing up run (I know, I'm confused too).

But I wanted to make sure any new 80s were aware of it, we have one tank and one healer so we just need another tank, healers and deeps. Its a good way to gear up little alts hanging around. (Be warned though, I hate uld and I will probably be cranky about it).
We plan on starting next friday at 6pm (8/13)
Dang, I'd help if that wasn't my ICC-10 time. Sad
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Would thrusdays after moot be better? We're flexible. (its to gear luc's tank, Eddge).
Out of strict curiosity... is this a 10 or 25 run? If 10, I don't see the logic in doing this when you can get 232 gear just from doing heroics (badges; the ICC instances). Wouldn't doing ToC again be better, faster, and more rewarding?

Again, just curious. I know you mentioned you were confused as well.
it will be 10 man. Looking at toc loot it dosn't seem to drop tank gear (ie swords or tank shields) where Uld does. Getting teir pieces is easy...getting weapons is not.
Anub'arak drops the shield on 10-man
Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
Anub'arak also drops [item]47899[/item].
You might try poking around somewhere like maxdps.com or other loot lists.

I am pretty sure that every slot for every class has a viable 219+ option easier then UD10.

E.g. Normal ICC 5 mans (226), Heroic ICC 5 mans (232), ToC 5 man (Normal and/or Heroic - 213/219), 10 man ToC, Frosties (251/264), Triumphs(232/245), crafted stuff (varies 232-245-251-264). (I think I got the gear levels right, but off the top of my head)

I mean UD10 is a great instance, fun, and neat for achievements and the like, but strikes me as a poor gearing choice.

Just my 2 1/2 cents from the research I did when I was speed-gearing my tree.


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